Why you should Invest in Bitcoin, The Beast From The East & Why Travel is Important to become a better human being

Sunday the 25th February to 4th March 2018


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In case you’ve missed it


Last September I learned about Bitcoin. That’s not true, I heard about Bitcoin two years ago on a Domaining website when someone was speaking about getting out of investing in Domains and into Bitcoin. I honestly thought that this guy was crazy, why would you sell or drop every good Domain name you had, to invest in this internet coin?
Pity I didn’t follow suit, cos when I get stuck into something, I really get sucked in…


The next time I heard about it was less then a year later when I spoke to my cousin who was living abroad. She was traveling with her boyfriend in Germany and they heard about an online coin which they were going to buy a few. What did I tell her?! “Be careful what you invest in, do your research…!!


God! I am so annoyed with myself I didn’t head my own advice…


Last September Bitcoin came to my ears again, this time I understand that this was something. So I did my research this time and invested $100 which I saw rocket a few hundred Dollars in a week or two. Then as fast as my initial investment went up, it came crashing down.
At the time I didn’t know what was happening and now a few months later I think I’ve come to terms with how it all works.


In December after a lot of learning and understanding I dipped my hand in Cryptocurrencies. I keep saying to myself, pity I didn’t do this, pity I didn’t do that. I always seem to miss the next big thing even though I know it’s arrived, I’m always late to the game.
But with crypto, you could invest $100 this year and literally become a millionaire next year. That’s what happened to some investors this year in January.


Last year a new coin come on the market called XVG aka Verge, starting with a price way under a cent, this coin rose to around 0.30c a year later. Now sitting at a really cheap 0.06c today after the so-called crypto crash of 2018 this coin is on the rise again to make even more millionaires.


I am writing this to tell you, no I’m pleading with you, to start looking into crypto currencies. Learn everything you can about them and start investing now.
Now is the time, not tomorrow, not next month, not next year it’s right now.
And after the so-called crash (which was a correction) in January, everything is so cheap at the moment to purchase.
The best time to start purchasing crypto currencies is where everything’s low because when it starts climbing again, “and it has already” you could essentially you could become wealthy overnight.


You might say,

“but I missed Verge there is no other good cheap coins left”.


I’d say no to you because there are. I’ll put it this way to you, if you invested a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in TRX “Tron” in “Only December”, you could be a millionaire today! That’s if you cashed in on the 5th of January.
Guys, that’s only 1 month!! Isn’t that insane?!


In the time it took Verge to get to 0.30c, it only took Tron one month to reach that level.


There are over a thousand cryptocurrencies to choose from and more are on the way with hundreds of ICO’s in the funding stages. Get in early, know what your investing in and buy low, sell high…


Now, where do you learn all about this? Well, you can look over my last posts about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain.


I would also recommend checking out other crypto based websites like CoinCentral.com where you can learn all about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies what it’s all about and why we need to invest in them.




Here’s a great article to start off with
—> Who Accepts Bitcoin <—


What I’m doing at the moment


If your from Europe, you already know this, we had a huge arctic blast of snow and ice and extreme weather which came from Russia. The reason why is the Arctic’s temperature has risen and is a lot warmer then usual. So what’s happening is that it’s bringing the cold air down from the north and pushing it towards us in Europe. We’ve had an awful cold and snowy couple of days here.


And the funny thing is that Ireland, where I come from is not used of this and when a snow storm happens like this the whole place shut down. I mean, complete countrywide shutdown, no banks open, no shops open, no public transport I mean everything, well except for a few crazy business that had to stay open to survive.


The storm was called #TheBeastFromTheEast. And yes, it was a beast!


Image from ITV.com


It covered the whole country with quite a lot of snow, more in some places than others. You could barely leave your house because it was so dangerous.
Ive never seen so much weather forecast on the tv in my life. The government officials and our teasich told us to lock up and stay inside. Do not leave the house for over 24 hours, be safe and don’t put yourself and others in needless danger. I think they were right.


And it probably saved loads of lives. I don’t think anyone lost their life from the frosty weather of #TheBeastFromTheEast.

I used this as an opportunity to spend more time with my family. So being locked up in the house with myself, my wife and our daughter, we had a couple of games of monopoly and played cards. The storm also gave me time to put in some work as well when everyone was board with gaming.


So I was recorded and practised my upcoming webinar on “How to Grow a Facebook Community of Like-Minded People”, to make sure everything was correct.


It’s very important to actually go over things that you write and record because sometimes we all make mistake, whether it be grammar or whether it be something you might say.


The next day we were told it was okay to leave our houses. I’d say a lot of people in the country had cabin fever at this stage and were happy to leave their homes and venture out into the wilderness.


Myself and my wife went out for a walk down to the shop which isn’t far from us. On the way we stopped by the National Park which is only around a mile from us and it was beautiful.



It was amazing to walk through the park, because people that had been out earlier that morning had built Snowmen everywhere. Basically, as you walked into the park there was snowman after snowman along the path.



As I write this, the snow is nearly gone, which is brilliant because I don’t actually think that I could actually last another few days of white a out.

A few years ago there was one for a few weeks and I was actually going insane because I missed the color of greens and blues and yellows. It’s amazing how people from regions up north are used to this cold, white brutal weather.
They were actually laughing at us Europeans because we aren’t used to this extreme weather and we panicked and it’s like summer to them.


I say that it’s good to panic sometimes to prepare for the inevitability of something bad happening.
And that’s what we do in business. Also we prepare ourselves for the future we prepare ourselves for the next step in what we do.



One of the top or most interesting posts of the week


During the week I wanted to find out what type of medium people would rather consume their information from. I posted a poll on my group financial freedom forever and I got the answer back of the question I asked.

”Which do you prefer to get your information from?”

1. Written Word
2. Video
3. Audio
4. Face to Face


The results I got back were outstanding of the four questions I asked.



Video came in Number 1. That I think is quite obvious but number two was written word which I was Amazing with. I honestly thought audio would come in second as I am an avid podcast listener I thought others would be too.


Face to face came in dead last, but all’s not lost. When people teach face to face, one on one or with an audience it can be more personal and can be quite expensive. As a person that mentors others I know that the most valuable thing I have is my time, to take some of that time, I could be doing something that can 10x myself is costly. But, I know that one on one or in a group setting I give 100% of my skills and knowledge.


Most people that don’t opt into Face to Face because they would rather consume video or audio. Why? because they can do it in there own time, but to learn from a mentor or a teacher they are consuming they’re time not just their own.


That’s why I think this poll ended up with these results.


See more at FinancialFreedomForever.org



A tip or advice from an Influencer


I was watching a Facebook live during the week with my good pal Mikkel Thorup and Trish Leto over at


Mikkel was being interviewed about his Expat Journey, why he began “The Expat Money Show” Podcast and his humble beginnings. First of all the interview was great, it was so natural and fun to watch.


Mikkels story is an interesting one and the advice he gave during his interview has stayed with me since watching because it’s not only true, but it’s something that we should all do.


“Get out and travel and experience new things”


It’s so simple but true. When we get out and explore the world, meet new people and experience new things, we become better people. As Mikkel said


“There is good in everyone, don’t be afraid to go somewhere because you think it’s scary. If you don’t do anything wrong and follow the rules, you’ll be ok”.


Quote I’m pondering


“I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same thing as making a life.” ~Maya Angelou



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