Why Domain names are still a good investment in 2018

I was reading a post by DeCentralPost.com about Cryptocurrencies today about how much has been stolen in the last few years due to scams.


Can you believe already this year I’ve 67 million dollars in Cryptocurrencies have been stolen due to scams and markets hacks 😱

I know, that’s crazy!!!



As a Domainer, recently I felt like a lot of the Domain Community were moving over to investing in Crypto instead of Domain names.


But what I realized with this post, is that domain names are more important than ever.


They show who’s legit and who’s fake. It’s important when investing or purchasing anything online, make sure the web link has the 🔒 in the html.


For example, HTTPS with a 🔒 thats what you should be looking for and not HTTP with an open 🔓


That’s why I like to use ClickFunnels, because you can link your domain to your Funnels account which provides the security for you in with your Domain can be 🔒 https
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As an investment Domains are still a good choice. Short, Single Word, Numbers, Brand names and Keywords are all very popular.


Look at the niches, focus on the brand names and only buy names that are worth value. Purchasing reg fee Domain names aren’t worth too much.


To check out some past prices that were reported see NameBio.com for more…


Right guys,
Rock On!
Have a great day or night where ever you are…

Daniel Mac Sweeney


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