Where I’m At And Where You Should Be…

There is a road every human takes and it is the road you are on.

What is that road?

It’s the road of “life”…

Life can be good, and life can be bad.

They tell you, it’s what you make it. They tell you that if you go take the wrong path you’ll only end up as dirt.

That’s easy for me and you to say. We have opportunities, we were brought up with good values. But, there are people out there, that have and had no chance like we did.

They could never even know about opportunity as they were never educated on the matter.

Life is what they see it as.

We, as people reading this, have a great opportunity. We can do anything with our lives.

We have the world in our hands or on our desk.

We can learn!

We have phones and computers.

By reading this, you can make a difference.


Because you are smart. By learning something, you can become a leader, you can change things, make a difference and change the world.

By educating yourself, you can save people from poverty. By educating yourself you can give back to your community.

Become, who you were meant to be.

Not just a dreamer but a realist, living the life that you have visioned.

Why did I ask you to listen to me!

Because you are already half-way there.

By reading this, you are a step ahead of even most educated people in the world.

Doctors, lawmakers, politicians, they all live in a world that has rules, that they all have to have a thing called a Job.

You know you don’t have to ever worry about working again, ever.


Because, if you put in the work, like right now!

You can spend the rest of your life doing as you will.

Making millions yearly, not a care in the world. And even if you do feel like working.

You are doing it on your own terms, for yourself and no one else.

Now, you’re probably wondering where do you start?

I’m telling you, you already have.



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