What is Copywriting and how does it make Money today?

Copywriting is one of those things you don’t hear much about as a normal 9 to 5 working person, but it is everywhere you look, in magazines, Facebook, newsletters, restaurants, newspapers, movies and more. Every day people read watch or listen to copywriting, it is everywhere, but to the normal joe soap what is copywriting and why is it the most important skill-set for any business or entrepreneur to learn and become knowledgeable about.


The way I see copywriting, it’s all about storytelling at its best.
When you tell a story to someone no matter what age, male or female the more you get them to believe in that story and trust in the narrative the more they’ll want to know and learn about it.


This in business terms equals sales because the person who believes in the story will want to know everything there is about it or will want to keep the story going so others will know about it too.

Just think about that for a minute.
Can you think of any examples in your life that you are passionate about or follow with great interest?


For example, If you own a pair of Nike shoes and only Nike shoes because you think and believe they are the best shoes that were ever created, that shows me that Nike’s copywriting has worked on you.
You don’t have any Adidas or NB’s because Nike’s copywriting effected you through their storytelling.
They might not have even targeted you directly, but maybe through word of mouth from someone you know because they wore them and loved them, “how”?

With storytelling aka, copywriting.


Photo by Picsea on Unsplash
Photo by Picsea on Unsplash


This is super interesting because if you get someone, anyone to believe in what you are communicating they will want things or stuff that go with that story.

An obvious one would be religions. They are the ultimate example of copywriting.
If you walk into any house that follows a religion, you will see religious artefacts, pictures, jewellery, clothing etc, this shows you that the copywriting that told the story of that certain religion worked.
That the individual believed in it so much, that they bought things and stuff that remind them of it so they could become part of that story.


This is why there are ads everywhere you go, so they can sell stuff to you through stories with images, video, or content which is all copywriting.

Some work, some don’t.
It really depends on how good the copy is, especially if you’ve never heard of the business, individual or what they are selling.
That’s why building communities either on social networks or building email lists are so important so that you can portray and share your story to as many people as you can and through word of mouth grow even bigger.


This works for everything from books to movies, superhero’s to villains, products to people and most importantly to us, the entrepreneurs and business who use these stories to make us money.
Just think of the movie Frozen. It drove all parents crazy because their children wanted everything to do with it, that was storytelling at its best.


Copywriting is the king.

When I started Domaining, I learned that keywords or .coms were worth more than other names.
The more I learned about copywriting, I realised why. It’s because of the story.
When you want to learn or understand something, you’ll want to know more about it. That is why certain keywords are worth more than others, it’s because of the story behind it.
With .com, it was holds more value because it’s what people believe, the more people that tell the story that it is the best, the more powerful it becomes.
That’s why paper money became so powerful and that’s why Bitcoin has become a thing.


“Story makes information powerful”.


Obviously the thing or product has to be worth something, otherwise, the story can’t continue and it will become tainted and die.

It has to affect people, in their hearts, minds and souls, emotionally and/or physically.

If you can do these fundamental things, you can sell anything.
That is why copywriting is so important for anyone selling anything.


That is the art of copywriting.

I was watching a movie called the Founder recently, which was all about how McDonald’s became who they are today. It was a fantastic movie which showed how McDonald’s was born, how the idea and concept of it, was made more from hard work and fast food.
The guy who claimed to be the Founder, Ray Kroc wasn’t actually the guy who started McDonald’s but was a businessman who was captivated by the story of McDonald’s and the name. McDonald’s was actually founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, USA.

Kroc used the story and the fast food system the brothers introduced to McDonald’s called the “Speedee Service System” to grow McDonald’s into the monstrosity it is today. If you talk to any entrepreneur and ask them about upsells or downsells, they will tell you the story of McDonald’s and how they sell cheap fast food to customers and offer them another product in which they can make profit on. They might lose money on the first sale, but make money on the second.
That’s how a lot of entrepreneurs sell books and products online today.


Why I mention McDonald’s in this copywriting post is because they have been using copywriting since day one. McDonald’s is a franchise and to get someone to buy into the franchise, at the beginning Kroc had to tell a good story and provide something of value to the buyer before they’d invest.
He used the story and the name of the McDonald bros and how they were making a fortune in sales to get them to buy in. He eventually stopped using the McDonald bros as an example and used other stores that he opened.
He used his copywriting skills.


As it grew and grew, the copywriting would get better, now when we all think of McDonald’s we think of the quote “I’m loving it” from them. That’s how powerful it has become.



When Kroc was building the franchise he saw things to build upon the story, to make it immortal like a religion and make it a natural and normal place to go for families to eat. He used the Golden Arches, the big M which was created by the McDonalds bros to make it look like a flag standing tall or the high spire of a church.
He told his staff and customers to bring their families to eat there like they would pray by to church every Sunday, but instead of only going on a Sunday, to come everyday instead.


We all have copywriting skills, we can all tell stories and we have the technology to share them.
By living life, experiencing new things, sharing our stories, we are creating copy.



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