What happens when Bitcoin, Facebook vs YouTube and Pat Flynn have in common?

– The Weekly 5 –

Sunday 03d – 10th of December 2017

Hi All!

I hope you’ve all been having a great week.

This is something I’m going to be sharing with you each week, on a Sunday.

What I’m up to, on what motivates me, and things I am enjoying,

I hope you enjoy


Here’s your weekly dose of “Weekly 5.”

In case you’ve missed it –

My god, this week has been nuts. Bitcoin has gone bananas. It went from $10,000 up to $9,000 in a matter of days and hours. Only two three months ago it was at $2,500. You might think it’s too late, but from what I can see, it’s not. Watch out for the corrections (if there are any, and I think there’s one happening as I post this) and buy some, store them in a wallet and forget about them until 2020. There are murmurs if it reaching $150,000 by 2022, so if you put in $500, you’ll have enough to retire and invest in something else like property or other crypto currencies when the time comes.


Don’t forget, put the coins in a wallet and forget about it. Don’t leave them on Coinbase wallet as you can lose everything if there is a big correction, the App or site might crash as it did already this month. If you feel comfortable investing now, go ahead, I could be wrong and it’s only going to rise and rise.


I’ve invested in other crypto currencies, altcoins there called. I’ve spent less then $1,000 which I’ve bought 5 altcoins and IPO tokens and even if one of my investments reach $10 or $20, I will make 7 figures, but like I said about Bitcoin, put it in a wallet and forget about it. If you invest a thousand, it’s not much, even if you lose everything.



Are you a video creator, do you use YouTube? Well, by now you’ve probably heard Facebook intends to take on the video juggernaut YouTube. How they are doing this is they’ve recently come out with a new app or tool called Facebooks Creator. Rolling out over the next few days is the next part of their plan. Have you ever uploaded a video on Facebook or Instagram, just to be taken down minutes later because of music infringement?


To solve this problem, Facebook are releasing the Sound Collection.


With the Facebook Sound Collection creators can access a free set of high-quality audio tracks and sound effects they can use in their videos on Facebook and Instagram, without having to worry with copyright or payment.

YouTube does this kinda stuff already, but the difference is, when people are on a social network and don’t have to leave it, why should they upload videos on YouTube.


There are lots of people that have grown up with Facebook, thinking that it is the internet.

Personally, I think Google will have to improve their video creating and editing side of YouTube to stay ahead of Facebook.


“Sometimes it’s best to improve on what you know, but to stay alive, you’ll have to keep evolving…” – Daniel Mac Sweeney

I think this is going to shake things up.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments…


What I’m doing at the moment –

Like I said above, I’ve been researching and investing in Bitcoin and Crypto currencies over the last week or two, but other than that, I’ve been testing out ManyChat bots. I posted a Free book on my Page during the week and asked people to comment the word “Freedom” in the comments.

During the next hour I got 10 new subscribers to my bot.

I put a lot of work into it and got great feedback on both the bot and the free book.

The only question I have now with it is, how do I post it again a different way, so as not to get the same people signing up?

Other then that, I’m really impressed.

If you’d like to check it out, follow my page Daniel Mac Sweeney and it’s the pinned tab.

Let me know if you see it as an ad as I’ve boosted the post for more testing…


I was listening to one of my favourite Podcasts during the week, “The Smart Passive Income”, with Pat Flynn, and he was talking about Podcasting.

How podcasting changed his life and the lives of the people who were listening to him. He got into a story about a polish guy who was skiing, fell and broke both of his legs, badly.


Now, during this time, Pat was thinking about giving up, he was putting in so much work in the podcast and even though he was seeing results, he thought it wasn’t worth the work he put in. It was then, he got an email from the Polish guy, who told Pat his story, how he fell, broke his legs and felt like he disappointed his wife and kids, his family, his boss and his work colleagues. He started listening to the podcast and it encouraged him to get up and go. He made a promise to finish a marathon and even though his legs were savourily broken, they even had metal plates in them, he still made the effort.


Well, as I said, Pat was about to give up, until he received an email from the polish guy, in it he thanked Pat for everything. He said that when he was training, Pat was his coach. Even though Pat’s not an exercise coach, the motivation that he gave him through his Podcast was enough to keep him going. In the email we’re pictures of his X-rays and also a picture of him finishing a marathon, in the picture he held a sign thanking God, his family and Pat Flynn.


That was all Pat needed to know that he’d never stop doing his podcast.


Why I mention this story is because, I felt the same way, I felt like packing it all in and what changed my mind was the thank you DM’s and the messages in my posts.

I hope that I can inspire you guys to achieve your goals, that we can all together succeed in whatever we do.

I believe in you and thank you for believing in me.


One of the top or most interesting posts of the week –

I’ve been thinking about the way I post lately and for me is been a bit about everything. I have decided that to be better at what I do, I will have to be more organised. So, what I’ve decided is to post about a certain subject every month and this month so happens to be Crypto Currency month. I started off by explaining what a Bitcoin is and for the next three weeks, I’ll be posting all about Ethererum, Litecoin & Altcoins.

I’ve next month planned and if you’d like to read them, I’ll be sharing them on my own page Facebook.com/DanielMacSweeney if you’d like to follow me to read them.

For this week, read “What is a Bitcoin


A tip or advice from an Influencer –


Receiving is evidence that you’ve given consistently. – Tony Robbins

What he said here is so true. The more you give, the more you get back.

It might sound like a mad concept but it’s a proven one. People don’t just buy stuff because they only need it, they buy stuff because of emotion.


For example:

Do we really need to buy Christmas presents for everyone, No!

But we do because we want to thank them for just being who they are, we love them, we are their fan, even if it’s something very small. The point is, you give back because you’ve gotten something from this person.

When you get something from someone next time, think of this.


Quote I’m pondering –

This is not really a quote, but a funny comment I saw on Twitter from Ran Neu-Ner @Cryptomanran


“A boy asked his bitcoin-investing dad for 1 bitcoin for his birthday.

Dad: What? $15,554??? $14,354 is a lot of money! What do you need $16,782 for anyway?”

And as always, please let me know your requests and suggestions in the comments. Which “Weekly5″ above is your favourite? What do you want more or less of? Let me know! Just comment below and #Weekly5 in there, so I can find them easily.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, you guys are Awesome 😎.

Daniel Mac Sweeney


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