This is what Sales people know and their not telling you

If you’re a sales person, you’ll know that you will get more no’s then yes’s…


For some sales people they find this difficult to accept and when they do get a no, they’ll keep on pushing for a yes.


This in fact is the wrong thing to do.


Refusing to take No for an answer is why some folks hate sales people.


What they haven’t realised is, in fact No is an answer.


Smart sales professionals already know this, that is why they make more sales than their counterparts.


What happens is, they’ll work harder not to get a no, but get a HELL YES!


The sales person focuses not on the sale but on why the thing they are selling can benefit the buyer.


It’s the emotional trust of the buyer that will make the sale, not on how great your thing is.


Listen, it’s like this… think of a person or a business that’s killing it and now think of the second best.


Why is it, that you’ll keep going back to the best option, even though the second option is usually much better?


I know this to be true, but it’s not because of the quality, it’s the emotional aspect of it… that’s what makes the sale and keeps me coming back.


I know for a fact that a lot of people will think I’m wrong, hell you probably think I’m wrong. Just think about it for a few minutes and you’ll find something to prove I’m right.


So as a sales person don’t look for the yes, figure out how to portray the emotional aspect of what you’re selling to your potential buyer and you’ll make more sales than your counterparts…


When I used to do cold calling to organize meetings for the business that I worked for in Australia, the people that were most interested in meeting with my employer were the ones who could relate to me because of my accent.

These were expats of Ireland and they were interested in talking to me, not about the business that we could do for them but about Ireland as I was Irish.


Those were the people I organised most meetings with, the people that could relate emotionally.


Logic doesn’t sell.

Emotions sell.



So when you get a no in sales, focus on the emotional aspect of the selling for next time, so you won’t just get a yes,



Stay Awesome! 😎

& Get out there and make some sales this week…


Daniel Mac Sweeney



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