This Is How I Blog

Some people think blogging is easy, that coming up with something to write is simple. I’m afraid, it’s not as simple as you think…


This is how I Blog…



Every week I write two blog posts in which I usually end up writing on the day of publishing. I’d spend all week pondering over what will I would write and it would drive me mad. Most of the time the subject would be a spur of the moment idea or an inspiration. Lately, though, I’ve been doing something that really helps with blogging and that is having a subject to write about.

Pondering Dan…


Have a niche…

First of all, I write all about online business. That is my niche if you start writing a blog the most important thing you have to decide before you start is what niche you’re going to be writing about.


So, what I do each month is pick a subject that I am interested in to do with business. This month, for example, is blogging month, so every post I publish each week is all about blogging. This makes things easy and when I finish a post I can dig right into the next one. Obviously, there are a ton of different subjects to do with blogging, but it makes things easy when you have a main topic to focus on.



How I dig deeper into a topic…

This is probably the most stressful part of blogging, research. When you’re researching you have to learn not to copy but model. Pick parts that you think will fit into your blog and write it into your own words on a notepad, your notes on your phone or computer so you can rearrange and edit the text into your own words.


Finding subjects can a massive task and there are easy ways to find something to write about.


Twitter is great for this, type your specific keyword into the search bar and there you go. Thousands of blog posts that were just written all to do with the keyword you searched for. Now there are other tools you can use like Medium.


Medium is a blogging platform which you can write or search & read posts. There are very interesting posts on this platform as a lot of professional writers, reporters & bloggers write here to get noticed. Like Twitter search keywords, you’ll find topics in headers that you could write.


When people are searching google or any other search engine and not searching for porn, they are looking for a help or a solution to a problem they have. By searching Google for your niche, you’ll find topics that people need help with.


Like Google, another and more efficient way to find problem questions is to search Quora. Quora is a website/app in which people ask questions and get answers. This is great for you, as not only will you have questions to write about but answers to the questions also.


With all of these ways to find topics to write about, the main thing to understand is not to copy but model. Write your blog in your own words, use quotes if you like, but let your audience know who said them or where the information came from.


How do you write…

When I first started writing my blog, I used to write on WordPress. It used to take me ages as I’d sit down for hours typing out what was in my head. Nowadays I have learned to work and write on the go. I started off writing posts on my iPhone’s notes app. It was still tough writing on that as I could lose everything I wrote with the wrong click. Then I found the best freaking app ever. It was free to use, but for writing more posts you’d have to pay something like two dollars to have more space. And, that’s what I did, I paid the two dollars and started writing. This app is called “Werdsmith” honestly, the best app I’ve ever downloaded other than my social media apps.


With this app, you can create headers, write in blog, italics, underline, strike and loads more. I’m actually using it right now to write this blog post.


Get it here —>



Now for images on my blog, I use my own images I take off my phone and I also use an App which takes images from called Splasher. This Website and App provide free HD images brought to you by professional photographers for use. They do ask though, that you Credit the photographer when you use it.

Then when I have the image and I want to put a text on it, I use either which is a photo editor website or an App on my phone called WordSwag. The both of these give you the option of using text, changing context, colour and different sizes on your image.


Video & embedded links

Using video and links from social networks is simple to put on your blog. Click the share button on the desired post and copy the shared or embedded link. Then on your post, you can pick where you want to put it and paste the link in the front end of your post or use the text editor to paste in the embedded link.



Seo setup

Seo is important for your post to be found on Google. Even though your post can get more views from social media, having your site Seo ready can bring more people to your blog in the long run. Use keywords both in your header and in your post. It’s said that if you use similar keywords from your header in the first 100 words of your post that search engines will rank your post higher than posts that don’t do this. I use a plugin for WordPress called Seo Ultimate. It’s a free plugin in which at the bottom of your post backend, it gives you the option of using a different header and Seo text that shows on search engines.




Social sharing


Share, share, share… this is where it comes in handy to have an audience on a social network, to share your content so it can be shared and shared again.
For one, you can build a following fast compared to an email list. The people are already there and when people from your social media come to your site, you can then capture their email.


On your WordPress you can download plugins that can automatically post on different social media accounts for you, so you don’t have to do it manually. All you do is just go to social sharing in your WordPress settings and login to all your social networks and when you post a blog post it will be distributed everywhere.


There’s also a plugin I use for Twitter & Facebook called “Revive Old Post” which re-shares old posts of mine to my Twitter account and my Facebook page, one to five times daily so my post is always reaching someone.



So, guys, that’s how I Blog.
Simple and efficient. You can use some of these tips if you want or share your own in the comments below as to help others and myself at blogging.



Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, you guys are Awesome 😎.

Daniel Mac Sweeney


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