The worlds best copywriting experts

There are copywriters and there are COPYWRITERS.


Since I began my Entrepreneurial journey I learned everything about copywriting from many experts.

There’s an art to making money online or offline and that is copywriting.
It’s like a beautiful painting that makes you want to stop everything that you are doing and take it all in. They say if you can write copy, you’ll have a full-time job for the rest of your life. You can do it from just about anywhere in the world and at any time.
The best copywriters in the world make millions each year from their profession and can even charge tens of thousands of dollars just to spend even an hour of time with them just to learn from what they do.


The best thing about having a Free and open internet is that if you want to learn just about anything, all you need do is just search for it.
This way you can watch a multitude of videos from YouTube or read blog posts from bloggers and influencers. If you want to compact everything into a step by step guide, then you’ll want to learn from a book or a guide.


But if you want to become the best at anything, you will need to pay for training or mentorship.


Sometimes the best way is the hardest way. Handing over a big ball of cash can be a pain, but worth it most of the time.
You then can become the expert. It does take time a lot of learning, trial and error but it can be done.
Looking at the top guys in the copywriting profession, these guys started from nothing. They’ve all become experts in their own right, and have become the best in the world in what they do.


Here’s a list of my favourite and most influential copywriting experts that have thought me everything I know about Copy.


Ryan Levesque

Maybe not the best known, but in my view one of the best there is.
How I first heard of Ryan Levesque was through a podcast and what he spoke about I was very interested in, so I did a bit of digging to find out more about him.
My findings brought me to Ryan’s best selling book, called “Ask”.

In the book he shares why asking an audience to solve problems, answer questions and tell you what they want is one of the best ways to sell anything.


In it he explains why copywriting is so key to everything and why he spent hours, days and weeks learning how to write with the same style and expertise as the best. With it he wrote copy to sell courses and products and even during the process came up with the “Ask Method” which he now teaches.








Mike Dillard

I found Mike Dillard during my Ryan Levesque search and was very interested in what he had to share. Mike started off like anyone else, working a 9 to 5 but hated what he was doing. Mike spent his time studying on his time off, everything there is to know about marketing. Then he wrote a book about it called “Magnetic Sponsoring” which he shares his extensive knowledge on the subject.

Mike is a true believer in copy and has done hundreds of courses on it. He has a huge email following due to his skills as a marketer, but to make money he uses his skills as a copywriter to get his subscribers to purchase products, courses, books and even affiliate products. On his Podcast “The Self Made Man”, he once said that a business friend came to him with an opportunity to promote entry into his newsletter. When Mike shared it to his 500,000 strong list over a three day period with the use of his copywriting skills, he was able to make $350,000 within a few days.

“Guys, with that much money, you need never worry about anything financial again.”




Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi was a person I found when listening to another Podcast “The Smart Passive Income”, with Pat Flynn. He was really interesting so like always I did my research and ended up buying his book, “I can teach you to be rich”. Obviously, reading the title, it’s right away a copywriting headline. “Oh defo, give me that book, I want to be rich…”, thanks, Ramit.

Ramit is amazing, a college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (Information & Society) in Science, Technology & Society with a minor in Psychology had little interest in being a sheep and became a shepherd.

Ramit boasts that he gives away 98% of everything on his website for free, “which is true, I’ve been there”.
He has a whole page dedicated to free content, ebooks, video lessons, guides. This guy is a really clever copywriter.

He shares all this free content on a website called “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”, (Great Domain by the way) gets you on his email list and then like Mike Dillard, has amazing copy in most if not all his emails where his pitches his courses and products.



Russell Brunson


The main man himself Russell Brunson, who helped build the company Click Funnels to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars within two years.
Russell has a huge heart, a massive following and is a super genius at selling stuff, but he didn’t get there by not doing anything. He worked hard and achieved what he set out to do.

He spent many years travelling, going to conferences and having epiphanies on copywriting and selling tactics which now he teaches to all his adoring fans. What he would do is pick up something cool from one guy and another, from another guy. He did something that I call “Copy, but don’t copy”, where you take something of value and recreate it into your own. Think of it like the phone, one concept but many different designs, some better than others…

Russell is a huge believer in mentors, which he has learnt from many and has become the ultimate supreme being in selling stuff in my view. His copywriting skills and his openness have even got people to purchase into his Click Funnels business, pay for a monthly subscription and not do anything with the product all because they want to pay him back in some way for all the amazing content he puts out there.




John Carlton

John Carlton would be classed as “the most ripped-off writer on the Web”. Even if you don’t know you are copying from him, you probably are.
His headlines, his format and his copy is used all over the Internet by other copywriters. John would be classed as one of the best in the business, if not the best.

John has made millions of dollars with just his words.
He his classed freely as a mentor to many influencers out there and is one of the most respected writing teachers alive.!

He shares his knowledge on his website and also on “Marketing Rebel” where he and others in the industry help small to medium-sized businesses market their business and products.



Gary Halbert

I’ve kept Gary last for a reason. First of all Gary Halbert is said to be the best copywriter of them all and second sadly passed away in 2007
When I found Gary’s website “The Gary Halbert Letter”, I was amazed that the best copywriter in the world as a rubbish website, but the more I read I couldn’t leave.
Gary was a storyteller, which is one of the main elements of copywriting.
His stories and letters were interesting, amazing and intriguing. He shared tactics, tips and advice on how to sell.

I wanted more!

I found a book of his online that was partly written by one of Gary’s sons “Bond Halbert” called “The Boron Letters”.
The book is about Gary writing to his son from… Prison”.

Yes, I said prison!

Before Gary was in prison he was a multi-millionaire. When there he completely changed the way he lived, he exercised every day he could and he also wrote Boron letters.

In these letters Gary was writing a book, he explained to Bond that he wanted to teach him everything he knew, so by writing the letters he could teach Bond and also have a product to sell once he left prison.






So, there it is guys my Top List of Copywriters. These guys have totally influenced and excelled my understanding of not only copywriting but life and selling also.


If any of them do read this, I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart and thank them for sharing their extensive knowledge on everything they do. They are not only great at what they do, they are also good people which we need more of in the world. So to anyone else reading this, please go to their websites and thank them.


Go out there and learn, study and become the best a what you do. The only way to be the best is to learn from the best. But if you don’t go implement what they teach and share, you’ll always be where you are, which is where you don’t want to be.



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Daniel Mac Sweeney



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