The World has gone crazy…

My 89-year-old grandfather said to me recently that the world has gone crazy.

This was thanks to the worst mass shooting in the USA in history, with over 59 killed (RIP*) and over 527 injured.

Then some muppet went and drove over some people in Canada and stabbed a policeman, and the last bit of crazy news from the day was a rumour that legend Tom Petty had died from Rolling Stones magazine, which was not true.

He didn’t die until the next day, “Rest his soul”.

No wonder for fake news, we don’t know what’s going on. We get news so fast it’s crazy, and I think that’s what my grandfather really meant, that “the world had gone crazy”.


Because for him growing up, even until recently, he would not have have been bombarded with so much information as is is now, in his 89 year. When he was young all that he had was the radio, so whatever information and news that was told had to travel by word of mouth to the stations and then to the people listening. Then as he got older, television was the same, news still had to travel by word of mouth.

It still took time for news to travel.

In fact, it might look like the world has gone crazy, because you hear about all the crazy things happening on a 24/7 news cycle because of social networks, but the world isn’t crazy, it’s just you hear about things on a super fast scale.

News can travel now as fast as someone can type or video, it’s live.

The world we live in fact, is the safest, greatest time, ever to be alive.


People don’t realise that there is so much opportunity out there, and all they need do is dream it, work hard and aim for success and they can then have any life they imagine.


There is Physically less work than there ever was before, thanks to machinery and technology.

Cars to bring us from A2B. And we have the “knowledge of the world” at our fingertips.


The knowledge that you consume, can teach you new skills that can change the way you and your family life.

In this Information age, we are bombarded with so much information and like my grandfather, you can be mislead.

There are ways to tackle this and there are ways to consume only what you want to. Like on Twitter, you can segment different topics, so all you see is information to do with it. Or Facebook, you can follow friends, groups and pages to only get the views only like-minded people. Even Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Medium etc.


You can follow threads, pages, groups & people that think like you.

As an Entrepreneur, I try not to watch the news, or follow it on my feeds, because usually, the news is “Bad news”. Why, because bad news gets more ratings, more engagement.


People are hooked when it comes to something terrible happening because it makes their boring day exciting. The difference between someone that has passion for what they are doing, like an Entrepreneur and the normal joe soap, is that an Entrepreneurs mind is busy already, they don’t have the time for news, let alone bad news, and when they do hear of it, they just forget about it and get stuck into what we were already doing. Whereas the normal joe soap, gets consumed with the story and the information.

I write this for you guys, the ones who focus on your thing, the ones who strive for something better…


Don’t let the news slow you down, only listen, watch and read what can benefit you. Bad things will happen, you can’t stop that. The only thing you can do to deter that is work to make the world a better place.

And when people have busy minds and busy body’s, there will be no time for violence, horror or gossip, only help, wealth & health…

#StriveForSuccess #Riplasvegas


*RIP to all the people that died in Las Vegas and around the world that the news is not covering and my prayers for the people injured in all events around the world.

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