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Isn’t it strange that when you work for a company or business, that you keep hearing from other staff, “don’t do anything wrong, because if you do, you’ll lose your job”.

The more I thought about this, I realised what was happening. There is a thought process handed down from the top to staff to scare them into staying and not leaving their job.

I think if this scare tactic wasn’t there, there would be a lot more people trying to make it on their own to become successful.

The way things are now, people won’t leave. In all the jobs, I’ve had, it wasn’t the manager, or even the owner telling me to worry that if I did something wrong, I’d be gone, it was the staff.

That’s the mentality of power and control, it holds us back from doing what we truly want to do.

Imagine what people would do, if they weren’t scared to be fired, would they work harder for the company or would they slack off to do their own thing and is this good or bad for business?

I think they would slack off with their work. They would only do a half-assed job for the company if they weren’t afraid that their job would be gone tomorrow.


So, the more and more I thought about this, I realised that this control is needed. Without it, nothing would be done, hard work would turn into half-arsed work. The people on top would have no one to create anything new for them in bulk.

Ok, so there are people who love their jobs, and don’t have this fear factor in their workplace.

Do they work harder, maybe, but it all depends on the personality of the person. Let’s be real, most people aren’t like this, most people would do fuck all in their job if they got a chance.

I remember a few years ago there was this office worker in the US. He worked at his desktop every day in his office for a big company. His employers were very happy with his work and even merited him on it. After a while someone caught on to what he was doing, he was outsourcing his work to a freelancer.

He got fired, obviously.

See, people don’t want to work if it doesn’t benefit them. People would rather have the easy way and not the hard way.


It’s like when I worked as a labourer in Australia. I came in and was cleaning rooms in a new building, brushing and dumping rubbish so that it would open in time. There were three other labourers working for the company, all freelancers. They actually told me to slow down, because I was working too fast, that I was making them look bad, that if we finished this building we’d have to move to another construction site and they were happy out where they were.

The fuck all mentality, no fear for the job, as they were freelancers and they could be hired again by a different company tomorrow if they wanted.


That’s why this mentality of being fired is important, it keeps people in-line, doing their job (Just-Over-Broke*) working for a wage making them afraid to leave and pursue their ambitions.

That’s why it is important to have influencers for the people who want change, to change the mindset, fear and, encourage you to become who you believe you can be.

These influencers set out to change the way you think, but let’s be honest, most people and I mean 80 to 90% of people are happy out to stay in a job and have that Fear mentality.

It’s ok though, I’ve no problem with people who want and like to work for a company or business, it leaves me and you with more room and space to grow and make more money.

Work is a slaves game. Do you really want to be a slave to the system?


I didn’t think so!

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