The Ways to Blog, the Bloggers guide

Blogging is a form of story telling. A way to get your information out there to the world. Before the internet people would have wrote stories on day to day things in a diary, but now they do so on the internet.


It’s actually more advanced then that. They write to share, instead of writing for themselves.
In these blogs they can also have a wide variety of tools that can explain what they are talking about in more detail. Like images, video, tweets, links, audio among other things.


If you have a blog, you are then a blogger. A blogger can even be a profession. Write about a certain topic and you can display ads, advertise certain products or sell your own stuff.

The possibilities are endless.


Some bloggers have more followers then others, but it’s not always about who’s following you, it’s about the quality of your follower.


When starting out, targeting the right people and posting quality is No1 and should be focused on. If you Blog about make-up then you need to blog about make-up and things that relate to that topic. If you Blog about gardening, focus on the gardening as No1 and you can have sub related topics that go with it.

For example, with gardening your subtopics would be the likes of garden sheds, vegetables, tools, contractors etc.


Nowadays it’s simple to start a blog.

You don’t need to know any coding, html or even hire someone to build it for you. When I first started a good few years back I learned a bit about html to build a website and man was it hard and time consuming.
You can literally start a blog in minutes these days but the question is what tools do you use, what websites can host my blog and which is best.


I’m going to share this information with you here in this post.


These are the sites that I have used and know of that can host and run your blog so you can write about your passion, problems and expertise…


1. WordPress

WordPress would be my favourite of all the blogging platforms because it’s easy to use and it has a huge amount of tools and plugins that can make your website look very professional.


There are two options to choose from before even launching a blog with WordPress. One, they can host your website totally free for you which will have .WordPress as your tld (Top Level Domain). Or two, you can host your own website with a domain name that you own and use WordPress to build your website.


You can purchase the Domain from them or you can purchase from a registrar. You can find some of these registrars on my Domain resource page


Tip: using your own domain is better because Google and other search engines will rank it better than it would a .wordpress.


2. Blogger

Blogger was one of the first blogging platforms on the internet. Launched by Prya Labs in 1999 and aquired by Google in 2003 when they purchased Prya labs. Blogger is a blogging platform like any other, free to use with the option of using your own tld Free unlike WordPress with you’d have to pay Hosting for.
As it’s part of the Google family, you can expect it to integrate with many of the tools that Google have.


3. Wix

Wix is a page builder that makes building a website simple with billions of combinations of layouts, images and more. Free to use, you can choose any template that suits your need. Drag and drop images, video and different parts of your website to place it anywhere you want. The only issue I have with Wix is that you have to buy upgrades and premium packages to connect your Wix site to your Domain, remove Wix ads, add e-commerce capabilities, or buy extra data storage and bandwidth.


4. Weebly

Much the same as Wix, Weebly is a drag and drop building website for building stores and blogs. It can be used for free but to remove Weebly ads and use premium features you’ll have to pay monthly for this service. Don’t get me wrong, it does create beautiful websites and has good features but like Wix, it can be costly for a new blogger.


5. Medium

If you don’t care about having a domain name or want to pay hosting fees, then Medium is a great place to start blogging. Writing blogs here is simple. Use headers, quotes, images and videos, embedded tweets and Instagram pictures. I spent a few months writing on Medium, using it as my website. I had my own profile page, where I could see stats of my posts. People could follow me also and would be notified when I posted something new, so no need to worry about email. And if you are worried about not collecting email subscribers, you can use outside links to collect subscribers.


6. Tumblr

Think of Tumblr as a mini blog. Short form stories where you can join and follow other blogs on Tumblr. Like other blog formats you can connect Tumblr to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, where a post on Tumblr will look like a tweet or a status update.
You can delay posts so that they can go live when you please and edit your post with html. Tumblr is a cool blog service to use and it’s free, so why not!


7. SquareSpace

SquareSpace is a website builder just like WordPress, Wix and Weebly but with one big difference. Hosting by Squarespace is mandatory: individuals and businesses cannot host their own Squarespace sites.
Which means they take care of everything, which can be a good thing as it might be cheaper in the long run of things, but also a very bad thing, because at the end of the day they are in control of everything.


8. Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media company in the world and probably the biggest advertiser too. In September 2017 I wanted to see would it be better to start blogging on social media first before I built my website. The answer is yes, I was getting feedback for each post, interaction with my followers and shares to more people then ever. A few months down the line I built my website with WordPress and I found that I was getting more visitors then if I had just launched on WordPress alone. On Facebook you have a profile page where you can post to your hearts content, but that’s not all. If you want to segment followers with different topics you can. Facebook has pages and group pages to help with this. I found that building a community here was the fastest, cheapest and most engaging way to build a business. If you want to learn how, join my free Webinar.


9. Twitter

On Twitter you can share short form posts which can act like a sort of story when you reply to each one. Then using Twitters tools you can then turn the posts into a moment which if popular enough can be shown on the popular news feed. One of the best things about Twitter is that the people are already there to read your content. Just use hashtags to show your post to any category you are blogging about. So, like Facebook you can get instant gratification that your posts are being read. You can also use a link in your bio, use it to collect email subscribers.


10. Instagram

I love Instagram a lot. Share pictures, videos and stories in seconds. Along with these options you have the ability to write text also. A great place to blog and grow a following of loyal followers. Use the story option for asking your audience questions and use hashtags to get your message to the masses. No links allowed in posts, only stories when you reach a certain number of people following you and like Twitter, your profile is a great place to grab email subscribers to connect with your audience in a more personal way.


11. Reddit

The so called front page of the internet. I don’t see why you can’t start a blog on Reddit. It’s free, active and exciting. You could get your posts rated by users when the upvote or downvote. Can be a bit extreme at times with some trolls there, but if you enjoy trolling the troll it could be fun. You can post images, videos, gifs and more. Posts are organized by subject into user-created boards called “subreddits”, which cover a variety of topics including news, science, movies, video games, music, books, fitness, food, and image-sharing


12. SnapChat

You wouldn’t think of Snapchat as a blogging tool, but guess what, It’s not just for vlogging or silly videos. Snapchat has a chat screen, a messaging area where you can chat to your all your friends and followers at once. The thing about this style of blogging is that once you post it’s gone forever, but you’ll have the attention of your audience as they’ll read every post in detail.


13. LinkedIn

They call LinkedIn, Facebook in a suit. You can find all types of professional people here. A great place to blog with intellectual minds as they won’t be talking about what they had for breakfast, lunch and supper. The format of posts are similar to that of Facebook Notes on Pages where you can add a header image, title, text and links.


15. Quora

Quora, if you didn’t know is a questions and answers website and app. Create a profile, use text and links to share who you are and you have the option to blog there too.
I presume that you can only blog about helpful advice, tips and tricks of what you know. Be sure to use what’s available to you here and always share your email to collect subscribers.


16. YouTube

YouTube is classed as a video-sharing website. But what you didn’t know is that a lot of people read the description of videos and comments of popular videos. You can use this space to tell stories, share links to where you want people to go. People are making tons of money doing video lessons and then sharing links under the video but the problem is, the clicker will forget who you are and be lost as a repeat customer. Bring them through a story funnel or get them to sign up to your email list.


17. Pinterest

Pinterest is interesting, as you can post images but not have long form descriptions. But what you can do is share long form text images, AKA blog posts in your image.
Also Pinterest allows you to link your image to a url, use this to either sell stuff or capture emails.


18. Shopify

Shopify is the online store builder. It’s fantastic and cheap to use at only $30 a month. As Shopify is used mostly for ecomerence you’re probably wondering why use it as a blog?
Well, it’s simple really. Shopify gives you the ability to blog about anything in which you can easily link up products on your store making everything look smooth and like it was always there to begin with.


19. Messenger

Bots are the next big thing they tell us. Messenger allows for bots to be integrated and to connect with followers & friends on Facebook. Using tools like ManyChat or MoblieMonkey we can connect with thousands of followers at once to tell story’s, ask questions or give incentives.


20. Podcast

Podcasts are used for audio where you can tell your story or talk about your topic of interest.
In your podcast feed where you describe the podcast episode, you can write long form posts which people can read about the episodes.
Using this can really grab the attention of people coming to listen to your podcast. Use this as a blog format because by writing you are creating words to be found when searched, seo.


21. Email

I kept the best for last, email. Trust me when I say, email is not dead! It’s actually the best way to blog, sell and grab the attention of thousands of people. The first reason is because you own it! Yes, every other site that I’ve mentioned can close down tomorrow and your business could crash and burn they have total control over their sites and you don’t. Their algorithms can change so that your audience will see less of what your posting and sharing.
If you have an email list, you own it, no one can take it away from you.
If you can become the likable character, people will want to read your stuff. You can add images, video, links and more in your email.


So, there it is!
As you can see there are many ways of blogging on the internet today.
Many of which can have a better reach and some that can be more personal than others. Only you can decide what to do and where to start and be sure to collect subscribers for your email list.


If I have left out somewhere you think is a great site or app for blogging, I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments. If this post has helped you in anyway, please let me know how and which way of blogging is your favorite.



Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, you guys are Awesome 😎.

Daniel Mac Sweeney

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