The Truth About Writers Block & Why It Isn’t Real

I’ve just read an awesome email from John Carlton, the most copied copywriter ever.



John always shares great value and In this particular email, he wrote about writer’s block.


There is no such thing as writer’s block he said and his right!


The reason why is because, if you sit down to write copy or a blog post and you can’t think of anything to write about, it’s because you haven’t done the research yet!


It’s as simple as that…


Research equals ideas, content and imagination…


You need to write down some notes, find out the needs, fears and distractions of your readers. Interview people and explore strategies and ideas 💡


What helps me is I go for a run.
I live near a national park so it’s a great place to focus on the things that I have learned, read, watched and listened to during the week.


Like I said before in a previous blog post I use this time to clear my head.
Nature, clear air and time to think is the best way to piece everything together.


Then before you start to compile anything, write down the top 50 points from the content you’ve consumed. This way you’ll have headers, bullet points and subjects for your copy or post.


Remember to find out these three things first.


  1.  What the problem is
    2. How to overcome it
    3. The results


So like this post, the first thing I spoke of was the problem… writer’s block.
Then the solution which that writer’s block isn’t real, do the research and think.


And last but not least the results, they speak for themselves as I have just written this post.


Now go out there and write, do your research, what the problem is, how to solve it and then share the results…


You’ve got this…


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, you guys are Awesome 😎.

Daniel Mac Sweeney


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Hope you enjoyed my post.


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