The story of my life, bit by bit…

“The story of my life, bit by bit” – Daniel Mac Sweeney

During the world recession me, my brother, my first cousin & a friend of his, travelled to Australia to find work, but before we searched for jobs, we travelled from north to the south of the country, Cairns to Melbourne for some leisure time.

It was an amazing trip and took us over a month and a half to do so.


During this time we had no income coming in, we spent most of our money on food, nights out, skydiving, bungee jumping, went to zoos, parks and islands, we even bought a van between us and stayed in hostels and hotels.

When we arrived in Melbourne, you can imagine, we didn’t have much left, so we had to find jobs and fast. My brother and cousin got jobs within a week because of their qualifications as carpenters and because they knew a guy, but I didn’t find a job until another month later as I had no qualification.


The job I got, was with an SEO web development company called Icu2.


My boss Dom was a good guy, fair and honest, he was an Entrepreneur. At this time I was not an entrepreneur, but what I saw from Dom, was something I wanted. I spent two months working in his office cold calling businesses, with a script that myself and Dom wrote.

It was hard cold calling as I got tons of abuse from people that I spoke to, who were getting cold calls daily, of the ones I did convert into meetings, I think they just did only because of my manner.


It’s funny what you learn through experience, now if I were put back in that office, I wouldn’t cold call like we did.

There are easier ways and better ways to get customers without annoying them daily with phone calls.

What we could have done instead of using the phone book, calling numbers from the back pages to front pages, was post an ad on Facebook or Google, targeting businesses in the Melbourne area, offering them a free consultation, or a free SEO analysis.

What I learned from making the phone calls was that people don’t even think about or want to know about building websites and SEO. But of the ones that did agree to meetings were already thinking about growing their business presence online.


Even if a potential customer didn’t realise or know anything about building a presence online for their business and you were going to cold call them, the best thing to do is make your own presence known before contacting them.

For example, if you were a person that never went and eat in a Subway restaurant, you might still be inclined to eat there, in the future because you know what they do, good food.


So, if you contact someone that has no clue on what you do and have to explain every detail, you are fighting a losing battle.

Brand up, be seen and be known…

Story to be continued…



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