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The Reality of Things | Weekly5 – Ep: 01



Welcome to the Weekly 5 where I talk about, whats going on in Online Business, what I’m up to, interesting topics going on in the Financial Freedom Forever Community, a tip or advice from an Influencer and something that motivates me…


In this episode I talk about why Facebook is still ok. Why not to worry about sharing your details and it’s all our fault anyway.


Next the Funnel I’ve created. The ultimate funnel for capturing emails, messenger accounts and building social media accounts.
To find out more get my Free Book at https://PathToFreedomBook.com


This book will teach you the skills to build and grow communities in any niche and sell them anything.


I also wrote a post during the week that explains how you can rank your Personal Brand name on Google’s first page.

Ranking on page 1 in Google for your name.


The best advice this week is from Alex Becker who in his YouTube video explains why the makers of The Last Jedi should have listened to the fans. It could have been such a better movie if instead of making this movie to please everyone, made it just to please the fans.
This goes for business too. Know your audience…


And last but not least, the quote of the week… which I made up on the spot haha… watch to find out more…



A lot of my community members have asked me this question, “How do I create a Lead Magnet for my Business?”.
The answer is a simple one, CONTENT.
Get creating content so you can create a Lead Magnet for your Business. When you do, you’ll then have something to give in exchange for the thing you’re giving away…


Once you have you’re Lead Magnet created, you’ll need Traffic.
Watch the Video to learn more…


With a Lead Magnet, It’s best to bring your customer through a funnel. You can use the Free Funnel Method I spoke of in a previous Video Bit.ly/FreeFunnelMaker or you can use the best software out there, Click Funnels, to create Funnels, an Up sell, Down sell and Thank you pages that lead to more Funnels…


Get your 14 Day Trial today at http://bit.ly/FunnelSoftware



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— Daniel Mac Sweeney is the CEO of https://FinancialFreedomForever.org a Community of Thousands of people, where he trains and advises people on how to become financially free forever – He is an avid Blogger and Vlogger, Investor in Crypto & Domain names. A Mentor on FFF – He puts his Family #1st and currently resides in Killarney Co. Kerry Ireland with his wife and daughter.


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