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The power of Content, Consistency and Community

I’ve been asked,

“How’d you get mentioned on Inc.com, I’d love to know the secret of how you did that?”


Well guys & girls, there is no secret!

The only thing I did to get noticed on Inc was very simple, I followed good simple advice…


Last year, I began to watch Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube and really listened to what he was saying,


“Content, Content, Content”.


This was very interesting to me, as I understood what he was saying about putting out content… but the only problem was, who was going to see it…


That brought me to learn how to grow a community, connect with the right people, collaborate and share my content everyday.


The more eyes upon my stuff, the more I’d get known, that was my theory anyway and boy was I right.


Connecting with the right people, sharing views on my niche had got me seen by the right person, a writer for Inc.com


What helped me and something you all should take into consideration, was something I like to call the 3C’s.


• Consistency
• Community


Think of this like the good simple advice that Gary shared to me…


Because I had been putting out Content Consistently to a Community, I got seen by the right person, a person who happened to be a writer from Inc.com

That’s all I did…


I know I didn’t have the article written about me, but having two paragraphs about who I am and what I do, with a backlink to my website can’t be all bad…


Stay Awesome 😎
Daniel Mac Sweeney


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