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Since I’ve started online I’ve learned so much information but it took me until this year to realise what I wanted to do with it.

I thought when I started in 2009 when I created my app DaftRun – The Sports finder, I’d be living it up on the beach, partying and living the good life.


I’d hear people around me saying out loud to themselves, I wish I could turn back the clock and change things, I wish I did it that way, or I should have been smarter and did it this way, “you know, all that type of bullshit”.

I’m a guy, who doesn’t believe that things happen for a reason, but I honestly & truly believe that without having the experiences you have, you wouldn’t be the person you are today.

Even though I didn’t make it back then, if I did, I wouldn’t know, what I know now.

I wouldn’t have met my beautiful wife or my daughter.

Life is funny that way.


For now, though, I feel and I know it’s the right time to become who I’ve always been aiming to become, even if I didn’t know it 7 years ago.

I’m building my business right now, I know it’s early days yet, but it’s happening so fast it’s unreal.

My status and my followers are growing fast, nearly too fast for me to provide them with the content I want to share, but it’s all good, it’s fun and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

I am on a mission to change people’s lives. If I can make a better future for one person in my life, it would then be fulfilled.


I have a vision of changing people’s lives. There are good people out there that struggle with the small things, stress over nothing and have the same passion as I have to change their own life.

They see a better future for themselves and their family.

I want to help those type of people, they deserve a change. And, if I can help even some of them to gain some sort of success, that can change so many lives not just their own, but everyone else in their circle also because remember, “you are like the five people you hang out with”, meaning all these people will also aim or strive for success and if I can do this, that’s success enough for me.

That’s the long-term game.

Other philanthropist’s focus on saving the world, I want to save people…


I never want to take advantage of anyone ever, so this week I have got my first client to help grow her Facebook community the right way.

As she is my first, I offered my training totally free and explained to her that she was my first trainee, so I’ll be learning along the way also.

I think why my status has grown so fast over the last two months, is because I’ve been providing people with so much value and content with posts, videos, questions & answers, live and so on.


This week I’ve taken it to a whole new level and it’s gaining momentum already.

I joined Medium to blog every day on things I’m doing, how I’m helping people, what I’m learning and about myself.

I’m also blogging on my community Financial Freedom Forever every week, with posts that provide unbelievable value and explanations on how to do things.

That’s not all, I am also tweeting three to four times daily asking questions, sharing quotes, providing advice and DM clients.

That’s not all, I do the same on Instagram, posting pictures on my feed, three to four times a day, also posting on my story which lasts 24 hours, which I send people back to other accounts I have, so they can receive all kinds of different content to learn from.

I’ve also been attacking Snapchat, so far I don’t have many followers and my friends and family there must be wondering what I’m at because I’m posting all about my business there, all fun though.

YouTube & Vid me, two video services I post to my Vlogs which I post every day or two. It’s interesting to views on new videos reaching more people than the last. What I’m doing seems to be working. I will need to organise what I’m doing there, maybe start a proper weekly or daily show, but for now I’m not sure what to talk about there, do I post content like I have been doing, so I do live Q&A, or do I create a clip by clip video with background music, story and theme.

Lots of things to think about there…


Thank you, Steve Jobs, for creating the iPhone, without it I would get nothing done. I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to create a business in my pocket.

So, that’s what I’m at, that’s who I am and that’s the “Internet of Dan”



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