The difference of Business Vs Brand

There’s a difference between a business and a brand.

I didn’t realise this until recently. As a business you can be successful, you can have a store and sell stuff.
When you have a Brand you can be as successful on a whole different level.

Why’s this?


I’ll explain it in a story.

Tom is a business owner who has a store on Amazon selling shoes. The shoes does quite well for him in which he sells a wide variety of shoes, from all types of brands including Nike, Adidas, NB’s and more.
The store is called “The Amazing Shoe Store”.


Then there’s Jane. Jane also has a successful store on Amazon selling shoes, but there’s a difference in Jane’s and Toms store. Jane sells her own branded shoe line called “Shoez”. This is her brand, one that he designed and created. She has gathered quite a fan base, young 20 somethings who love to share pictures of themselves wearing the shoes on Instagram. She has become a known brand in the space.


Now for example, if Amazon changed its store rules that stores can only sell products that are under their own label. That leaves Tom without a store on Amazon and what will happen to his new prospects?
They will search out the brands that were on his store and purchase them on the brands own websites.


Jane on the other hand is at an advantage here, because she has her own label “Shoez”.


Now, let’s say that something happens Amazon and the whole website crashes and customers can’t purchase from any store on the Amazon platform for days. This means that Jane is losing thousands of dollars on potential sales everyday. But because Jane is a brand and people know the brand, they search out her website to buy them there. They also come from other platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter thanks to her raving fan base. Which means that Jane’s business can survive.

If this had happened to Tom, his business would suffer because his business is not a brand name. If people were to search it out on Google, there they could be confronted by hundreds of other stores called the same as his business. Whereas Janes is a brand, rememberable, trustworthy and one of a kind…



I’m not saying that as a business you will fail if you don’t have a brand. What I’m saying is your business is at a disadvantage if you don’t have one. I’m also saying here, to not rely on any one platform like Amazon or eBay because you don’t have the control over what happens. They own your store.


The likes of Amazon also won’t let you collect emails, this is where a brand comes in. If people remember your brand they will search you out, go to your website and purchase your products.

Other than that, how you can collect emails from Amazon or eBay is to have a lead magnet, like “25% off next order if you sign up to our email list”.

If you have that in the packaging or with your product, it’s a good way to collect emails and build brand.


“There have been successful business that we’re not brands, I just can’t remember them right now.” – Daniel Mac Sweeney


If you don’t want to be like Tom and want to be a bit more like Jane, there are things you’ll need to know about being a brand.


As a Brand You’ll have,

• To be Reliable

• To be Rememberable,

• Have a good name both in customer service and in brand name,

• Logo is important too as it creates Image,

• Keep your Standards,

• Stick to what you believe in,

• Have a Theme,

• Have Integrity.


As a brand you don’t just have to be a product or a business, you can also be an individual too. The same rules apply as I’ve mentioned above, as well as having respect for fellow humans.


To end this post is a quote from an Individual who is their brand…


“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man.” – Jay Z




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