Stop Playing With Yourself!.

Don’t be so dirty, what I mean is stop doing everything yourself.

Entrepreneur life can be lonely and miserable.

We are surrounded by great people, loved ones, friends and family, but they don’t know what it’s like to be us. Even though we have this network of fantastic people, still for us, we are alone, deep within our busy minds, thinking of nothing else but progress, future thinking.

It’s not that our network doesn’t listen to us, on the contrary, they do, the problem is that they don’t have similar visions as us.

Where we have a future outlook on things, they have a present outlook.

You’d often hear, “no way”, or “you can’t do that”, negative words and sayings that pull you back to the”REAL WORLD”, the world that they live in.

That world is fine too, if you want to live in it, work, work, work, retire, die, that’s that world, the real one…

But, for us, we live in a world or we in-vision a world like, work, live, work, live, work, live, die. See, we don’t retire, entrepreneurs keep on working all their lives, and with it we live.

You might even be working in a job, doing a side hustle to “become an entrepreneur”. You try, and try to climb out of the deep well of “the real world”, it’s hard, but you still have that vision, the future vision that you are an entrepreneur.

Don’t worry you still haven’t made it yet, you are already an entrepreneur, there are ways to get out and it all depends on you. If you work hard enough, something’s gotta give.

For most entrepreneurs, they work alone. Progress is slow and whatever they are working on has only one path, very singular

For others, like the entrepreneurs I know, we band together, sharing our thoughts and ideas to a community in where we expand on what we are working on, and by getting other people’s ideas and advice on what we are working on, the idea moves faster along becoming a reality and not just a vision anymore.


It’s like a super mastermind.

This is why I implore you to connect to other like minded people.

Bill Gates didn’t start Microsoft by himself, Steve Jobs (RIP) didn’t actually build the first apple computer, Donald Trump didn’t begin at $0, they all had help, and a vision from a like minded source, that helped them grow and develop into the humans we know and love today.

Entrepreneurs are fascinating creatures. They never give up, and never look back thinking, “ah f**k, that was a mistake”, everything that they learn, win or fail, is a learning curve.

I found that for years I was humming and hawing on what to do, where do I start, idea after idea, but no progress, or it was very slow.

But, over the last 6 months, I have grown tremendously, all because I gathered and grew a community of like minded people. People to question, people to answer, people to point me in the right direction and tell me what I was doing right and more importantly, what I was doing wrong.


Sence I’ve connected with these hundreds of entrepreneurs, I have made more progress in the last few months, than I have over the last 5 years.

I now know what I’m doing, I know the right steps to take and what not to do next.

“Community my friends, is the key to growth.” Click to Tweet

Not just family and friends, they don’t think like you do.

Look for the people that are like you, that have a future view, that have a fire in their belly and a glow in their soul. And the growth I talk about is not just the community, but you as a person, you as a human, you’ll grow into something much, much more.

So, if there is one takeaway from all this,


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