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Sunday 15th – 22nd of October 2017


Hi All!

I hope you’ve all been having a great week.

This is something I’m going to be sharing with you each week, on a Sunday.

What I’m up to, on what motivates me, and things I am enjoying,

I hope you enjoy


Here’s your weekly dose of “Weekly 5.”

In case you’ve missed it –

Twitter policy changes.

You may or may not have heard it, but a few weeks ago a Celebrity, Rose McGowan got Suspended from posting on Twitter.

Why, because she violated Twitter’s terms and conditions. In her tweets, she had posted strong words for Ben Affleck and also shared her feelings toward Harvey Weinstein.


After her account got suspended, and Twitter had a lot of backlash, because other huge accounts seemed to be breaking the rules all the time with no repercussions, and people thought this was unfair.

I personally think Twitter’s policy change has to do with the backlash they got, they want to be more transparent and show that they don’t show favouritism toward some accounts over others.


Here’s a little tip for you. If you are building a website and you want to see what’s working or even want to buy one, go to It’s a marketplace for buying & selling online property, whether it’s a domain name you want or a website or app. I went there this week to check out some designs for my new online store as you can search WordPress websites and Shopify websites that are for sale.


What I’m doing at the moment –

I have finally relaunched my OriginalOnesies Brand.


I set this brand up in 2014–15 but several months later I had to shut it down, as the company I was dealing with went bankrupt.

It wasn’t like I wasn’t making money. With little SEO and a few posts on Facebook, I was making around $50 a week.

Before I launched the website, the backend and creation took me ages.


I built the website with WordPress e-commerce and had to upload each and every individual product myself, which took a lot of time…

This time, I’ve done something completely different. I’ve launched with Shopify. It was my first time using the platform, and I think it’s like if WordPress and ClickFunnels had a baby for selling products. I’m not saying quit Click Funnels or WordPress to use Shopify.

Shopify is for a different type of online seller, mostly for selling products.


The coolest thing that I love, is that you don’t have to upload each product one by one in an extremely slow manner, you can use Oberlo which uploads products from Alibaba in seconds, all you need to do is edit the product to your liking.

There are other tools that I found that can make your marketplace an amazing sales place.

I will be building more shops with Shopify in the future… have you checked Shopify out yet?


A tip or advice from an Influencer –

This ones from “Alex Becker”…



Love him or hate him, Alex is a guy who says it as it is. I’ve been bombarded by ads from him during the last few weeks and finally said fuck it and *watched bits of his webinar (*listened to it in the car) about Shopify, as I set up my own store this week and I wanted to find out what’s working and what’s not and Alex is one of the go to guys on Shopify.


On his YouTube channels, he likes to do challenges, two of which I came across.

One challenge was to post for 30 days straight on his training channel and on the other channel, a 100 continuous vlog.

This is where his advice came in, he said, “Stick to what you are good at and forget about doing what others are doing, what I mean is, if your not good on camera for example, but awesome on writing blogs, stick to that”.

As he says in the video, this advice came from one of his mentors “Russell Brunson”.

While I do agree with it, I don’t.




Because if you want rise your influence, you’ve got to try everything there is, and be everywhere.

In the video he says this, he was just finished his 100 day Vlog challenge, and even though he hated it, he was still getting thousands of followers each day but he won’t be doing a Vlog format again.

But, the message is right!


Stick to what your good at and build on that, become the person for that thing, that people refer to. Become the guy or girl that’s the Influencer for a particular niche.

When you do, people will follow you everywhere you go.

But, if you think you can do everything at once, do!


One of the Most popular posts This Week on Financial Freedom Forever –

My god, this post really gathered momentum this week with over 60 comments. It was about Bitcoin.

If you’ve been following bitcoin, it has grown so much in the last year, in fact today 1 year ago, to buy 1 bitcoin it would cost you €596.61 a coin, and now it’s at €5158.07.

That’s a huge jump that I’d say, you’d all loved to have bought coins back then.

The question was from “Kendra Bennet”, and this was it:

“Bitcoin is reaching new heights. The value is still rising and at 1btc=$6000, I wonder why some people still think it’s too late to invest in bitcoins. It never is mate, and you don’t have to invest in thousands to make profits. Remember a few years ago bitcoins were merely worth cents.”



Some great answers from the members.

Go read it here:


Quote I’m pondering –

“The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it.” – Unknown



And as always, please let me know your requests and suggesti

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Daniel Mac Sweeney

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