So, you want to build a Brand

The word “Brand” is similar to the word “Trademark.” In which a trademark represents a product, name or an idea that belongs to a business or company.
But there is a difference. A Brand is usually something that is instantly recognizable by the public, unlike a trademark which can be out of sight.


Branding came about with the act of marking livestock with fire-heated marks to identify ownership has origins in ancient times, with use dating back to the ancient Egyptians around 2,700BC. This has much relevance today as it had back then.


Now, not only do you see branding on livestock but for businesses also.
Not only does a brand have an image, but also sound and a rememberable name so that it can be instantaneously remembered.


If you think of the likes of Microsoft. Automatically you’ll think of the windows logo. Not only that, but I bet you if you’re from the 90’s you’ll remember the load up sound and could recognize it anywhere. Even now that sound and logo are imprinted in your brain. Now, that’s good branding.


Another massive example of branding that is done right would be most religions. I’m from a catholic country and in every town and village you’ll see a church, a big building with a spire on top.
The buildings all range from size and shape but the only thing that never changes is the spire. And the sound, the sound of the bells or music coming from the church are recognizable.


Now, you can build a brand no problem but to do so you’ll just need a dedicated following to spread the word and also a message or a thing that people can relate to… but!


If you can’t build trust with people, your brand won’t be successful or will crash before it even takes off.


You’d often hear about brands that have changed over time and called themselves something different because they lost the trust of their following.


The Brand that I am building is another type of brand, the personal brand… my name.


To do this, I had to first buy my .com name on a register. The one I bought mine from was GoDaddy*.


I was lucky, my full name was available but if yours isn’t you could always go for a different tld (Top Level Domain) like .net or even .blog.


Mike Dillard once told a story that when he when to purchase his own name it was already snapped up. When he reached out to the owner of the name to buy the name he got a bit of a shock. When Mike heard how much the name was, he knew that if he wanted it, he’d have to pay for it. This is something I’m familiar with because I started as a domainer who bought and sold Domains for profit, but Mike didn’t.
He had to pay over $10,000 to get the name that is now his personal brand.


This is something you’ll want to look out for when searching your name. Even if it’s not available, don’t freat as you could always ask to buy it in the future. For now, just focus on other tlds like I spoke of before.


Once I purchased my domain name, I did my research and found the best social networks to share my content, I sought out my social handles.
If I can’t get them, there’s always the option of using your Profile header, which will be in big bold writing.


I’ve explained how to set up your brand, but to build your brand you’ll need to put in the work and create a community of like minded people.


I’ve built a community with my brand called “Financial Freedom Forever”.
The tag-line for it is,


“Where Entrepreneurs Strive for Success”.


It’s fantastic that you want to build a brand people can remember and purchase anything from you.


You’ve made the first move in pursuing building a brand.
I know the struggles you are going through as I’ve been there.


You are doing the right thing looking for guidance as most people that do, succeed.


I want to be clear and transparent about the mentorship I do.


As a student, you’ll have to be motivated and hungry to win.
If you were not, it will be a bit difficult to get you there.


The good news is that I’ve only just started mentoring people, so I will be focusing my time and energy into making you succeed (If you did hire me).


The only charge is the cost of mentorship which at this moment in time is $497…


Other small costs would be:
– Click Funnels Free for 14 days then $97
– Hosting $12 per month (or less)
– Domain name $1 to $20
– Logo $10 – $50 or more depending on you
– Internet


If you wanted to start with free tools, we can do that too so none or some of the above won’t cost you anything…


I would be able to walk you through every step from scratch whatever it may be.


• Domain name,
• Hosting,
• WordPress
• ClickFunnels
• Building a Facebook Audience
• Creating an Online Store
• Ads
• Email Autoresponder
• Shopify
• Dropshipping
• Creating a product to sell
• Loads More…


But first I’d like to organise a time for a conversation to listen to what you are doing and to see if I could help get you to the next level.


Would you be interested in that?


DM me on Facebook Messenger and I’ll get back to you.


Thank you…





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Hope you enjoyed my post.

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