Snapchat update, Bitcoin on the rise and my book is ready to be an audio book

Sunday the 4th – 11th February 2018


Hi All!

I hope you’ve all been having a great week.

This is something I’m going to be sharing with you each week, on a Sunday.

What I’m up to, on what motivates me, and things I am enjoying,
I hope you enjoy

Here’s your weekly dose of “Weekly 5.”

In case you’ve missed it —


What a week. My god, I witnessed something that was out of this world like many other people. We saw a car fly to outer-space on its way to Mars playing David Bowie’s Starman. I was driving my car just before launch and had to pull over to watch the launch. What an amazing age we live in. Parked in my car that was built with technology, watching on my phone on the internet that connects me to the world, watching a rocket 🚀 fly into space with an electronic car as it’s payload funded by a Billionaire Entrepreneur.

As I can see, nothing’s impossible for the future.




Snapchat has had an update. One which I really like. They’ve made it so much easier and simple to use as a new user. Stories are now on the friends chat side of the App and the news or featured Vlogs are on the other side.

Share your story in a new way also, either to your story or selected friends they’ve really improved on certain features of the app. You and your Friends are also easier to be found. I like this new update and from here things can only get better. The main side of the company “Snap” have beat wall streets forecast for the first time in the stock market, which is great for investors in the camera company.


Bitcoin and Altcoins are on the way up again “thank f**k” as I’d say a few of you guys were worried. I hope none of you sold in the red and hodl on to everything. The sky’s the limit and the moon is where we’re going.
I’ve been looking into ICO’s and even have invested in a few. NAGA is one such coin I want to share with you as I think over the next couple of months and years your going to hear a lot more about it. The NAGA group are a German FinTech company that are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a performance of +400% since our IPO in July 2017.


NAGA coin is on HitBTC, OKEX & Coinhood. NAGA coins can already be used on SwipeStox a stock exchange that the NAGA group run. People are already trading NAGA like any other cryptocurrency.
Soon this year they’ll have a debit card which you’ll be able to spend your NAGA coins on anything you like, clothes, food and even Coffee…
Go get some at HitBTC —>

What I’m doing at the moment —


I’ve just finished editing my book, “The Path To Freedom Book” finally. It’s taken me months of work and I think I’m ready for launch. It’s hard work writing a book in which the hardest part is not writing it, it’s believing it’s good enough. I know I haven’t written a masterpiece, but what I do know is that I’ve written a book that will help people level up.


During the week I intend to record an audio book as an up sell with my voice for the people that don’t like or have the time to read.


It’s going to take a bit of time, which I don’t mind doing as while I’m recording it, I’ll be able to see if the book really makes sense to me from the viewpoint of the reader.

One of the top or most interesting posts of the week —


Was by Ferdinand Engländer.


“Soo… my first premium product (a live class for animators to get from intermediate to advanced) is going down in flames. It just wasn’t the right course model. People get a refund, because other work came up and they have no longer time for my class. When I asked them though if they would prefer pre-recorded courses or live classes, they always wanted live. Well, I learn a lot from this. And I will find the right model eventually. Still frustrating. :(“


A very interesting post. For someone that created something to provide help and knowledge for new animators the model that he had didn’t work.

Great answers from other members of in the comments…


A tip or advice from an Influencer —


This one is from someone who you might not know of, Chris Kubbernus. Chris is the CEO & founder of @KubbAndCo, listed as Forbes #1 Business Guru on Snapchat and in Mashable’s Top 50 Marketer at Snapchat.

This came from a tweet of his during the week and I had to share it to you guys as it’s so true and you guys are a true testament of that.



Quote I’m pondering —


“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


And as always, please let me know your requests and suggestions in the comments. Which “Weekly5” above is your favourite? What do you want more or less of? Let me know! Just comment below and #Weekly5 in there, so I can find them easily.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, you guys are Awesome 😎.

Daniel Mac Sweeney


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