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  • PLEASE No self Promotion or affiliate links in the main feed, use the promotion thread that’s posted once a week on Fridays!




  • Three strikes and your out! Posting spam is not allowed on the group, and if you are caught doing it three times your out.


  • Any Abuse will not be Tolerated. Any people who are involved in bullying will get an automatic Ban.


  • Affiliate Links & self promotion are allowed in the comments of specified posts.


  • No Stealing content that is posted here and claiming it’s yours in other groups etc. The content shared in this group is to help fffers only. Let’s please keep it that way.


  • No posts asking people to post a word to receive info on main feed. IF YOU WANT TO PROMOTE, POST IN PROMOTE THREAD PLEASE!!!


  • If you want to post on the feed, please make it helpful.


  • If your post gets DELETED please don’t ask the admins why. If it got deleted it was because you broke the rules.




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How To Start Domaining

Free eBook on learning how to buy domain name property and sell for profit. The simple steps to make money online.


Domain Resourse Guide

In any industry you need resources to become successful at it. In this free eBook you’ll find lots of really helpful and useful websites and tools that you’ll need to buy and sell domains.


Helpful Tools and Websites

Interesting tools that Daniel uses in his online businesses. More phenomenal tools added monthly as Daniel learns and succeeds in different industries.



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Telegram Community

Join me Daniel and others in the community on Telegram where we can chat with each other in a messenger type of conversation, one on one with each other in a public space.



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