Our Cashless Future

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I’m coming to you with a bit of random but interesting news about the future of money.

I was reading the paper today, an Irish newspaper to be exact. I got to the business section of the paper when there I saw an interesting piece about contactless payment.

Society is changing so fast that the old world is having time catching up, regulations come years after new technologies and ideas are born into reality. Technology is advancing so fast by the time we have something new, it’s old.
Now, we have contactless cards, which means it’s making cash redundant…

Yes, cash is no good in some stores and businesses anymore.
The write-up went on to say that 9% of what we spend on anything in stores nowadays is by card and 1% is with cash… 😮

I know, isn’t that crazy, cash 💵 is something that we all would rather have than use card, but the funny thing is that we still use cards a lot more.

I spoke to a guy recently who said that without cash, how am I to make tips?
The answer is simple, with the tech in your hand you can now receive and tip anyone via a tap of a screen.

I’ll give you two examples of our cashless future;
1️⃣ I went to London in October with my wife to see the Bohemian Rhapsody and there we got our very first Uber 😆, I know, I know… there’s always a first for everything.

At the end of our journey, we thanked the driver, left his vehicle when we got a message from the Uber app asking us how was our journey and would we like to tip the driver, plus we got to rate him.

This is not only fantastic for two reasons, the first is that it reminded us to tip the driver and second he had to be nice to us to get the tip… no need to tip rude people anymore.

2️⃣ It’s fast and cheap to tip people.
Around 10 years ago a new idea was born into reality called Bitcoin.
Now people are in control of their own money without the middleman, the Bank! Where they take your fiat money and use it on the stock exchange to make themselves millions and charge you on it, sometimes giving you the gift of a dividend.

You don’t even own that money unlike cryptocurrency, cash is on loan to you as its created from debt. (Be sure to learn about what money really is on YouTube, you’ll be shocked 😮)

Now, why Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are so important for our future is because you’re in control of your money, you are your bank and the teller.

Payments can be sent worldwide in seconds, not just pennies but billions of dollars with a cost of under a cent compared to paying hundreds or even thousands to a middleman for doing the exact same thing.

Being cashless makes it easier for us all, not just for spending our money but for managing it too. It makes it easier for shops, bars, restaurants, tour guides, drivers, websites, property and more to pay and be paid.

Why wouldn’t you want a cashless future?

I hope this is an eye-opener to you and I realize that I don’t have the answers to everything but it’s been something on my mind that I had to share…

Have a great day or evening wherever you are.

Stay awesome friends 😎
Daniel Mac Sweeney

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