Otter, A new way to blog without the hassle of writing

This week I have found a new app which is incredible because this app is really going to change the way I run my business forever. It’s basically a speech recognition app where I talk to my phone and it records everything I say.


Created by Sam Liang, the former Google architect who put the blue dot on Google Maps, then later sold his next company, location platform Alohar Mobile to Alibaba.


He has a team of amazing of super smart designers, programmers, people that come from Google, Yahoo, Nuance and Facebook. Colleges like MIT, Cambridge and Duke, this App has some of the top people in the tech industry.

Sam’s new company AISense has been designing and developing the technology behind Otter for the last two years.


Otter doesn’t just record everything I say, what it also does is it transcribes what I’m talking about.


So, guys, this is really going to change the way I do my business because I was doing a lot of writing for my blog posts. I was writing every Saturday and every Sunday. On Saturday I would write a post talking about a subject on how to do something or what’s good about this or that. But with this app, I don’t have the write anymore.


All I have to do is just press record and talk on my phone. Everything I say is recorded and it’s transcribed automatically, written into my phone and all I have to do then is go and copy and paste it into my note and edit it. It is as simple as that.


On Sunday, I would write my weekly 5 and I would have to write bits and pieces of different subjects on five different things.


1. What’s happening in the business and social media world,
2. Things that I am doing and what I’m interested in,
3. Something that’s going on in my financial freedom forever community,
4. Advice or Tip from an Influencer,
5. A Quote


This is amazing as all I have to do is think what I want to talk about, talk to the App and then edit it when it is transcribed onto my phone. This is going to save me so much time, it is absolutely incredible what technology can do now. As I write this, sorry wrong, I’m actually speaking to the phone at the moment, my screen is turned off and it’s still recording what I’m saying.


This can be incredible for interviews, podcasts, conversations or important meetings with clients.
This is one incredible app that I will be using a lot of and you guys should check it out.


It’s called Otter and it’s free for a limited time only. I am not an affiliate for it but I totally recommend it.

I can see great things happening for this app in the future and it’s going to be a real game changer for blogging and when it comes to doing business online or off.


I hope you have enjoyed this post and I’m looking to talking with you more.

Daniel Mac Sweeney




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