Make your Copywriting more effective with the use of story and senses

I once heard Gary Vaynerchuck talk about how important story is and that we all have one to tell. He’s right, we all do and how we portray it to the community is how we connect with people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world so that they can relate to us.


That is why story is soooo important for copywriters. If you can tell a story that can connect with readers, listeners or watchers, you will never be out of a job or way to make money.


You have to affect the emotions of people and get them to make a gut instinct to purchase from you.


Copy is called copy for a reason.
You can’t reinvent the wheel, you can only change it. Express yourself in your own way and if your brand is strong enough you’ll be remembered and people will try and recreate you…


You’re probably wondering how to make your copy more effective and how to get your customer to purchase from you through story.


STOP! Everything you’re doing and read this, as this is probably the most important bit of copywriting you’ll ever learn.


Have you ever read copy that grabbed your attention like a punch in the face.


A word, a feeling, a memory, an image, a taste, a sound, when you turn these into colourful thoughts you can impact someone emotionally.
Invade their brain and create an experience in their mind.


We all can relate to each other as humans as we all are born and we all die. Something in your life can bring a person to the same point in theirs, like loosing a tooth, tasting your first pear or traveling in an airplane for the first time.


The funny thing is most memories can’t be remembered but the most recent feeling, taste or smell can.

For example like this:


This is an example without the senses…

“I want to teach you how to become a successful entrepreneur where you can grow a community of engaged members who will buy anything from you.”


After engaging senses:

“You’ll feel the warm breeze against your skin, soft sand under your feet and have a wide smile on your face once I teach you to succeed with the skills to grow a large community of customers who will feel the need to purchase anything you sell“.


The first only explains what I will do but the second will engage a reader’s physical and visual senses with language which will hijack your customers senses and imagination.
Copy is not just a story, but an emotion…





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