Make Money, And Not Fresh Air…

When you have a community like I do, you have to be careful not to give them everything… free.

Just give them enough, that it will keep them interested and active.

The reason why I say not to give them everything, is because in any community there are going to be freebie takers that will never pay for anything, and even when they do get your content, they will never even use it or execute any information given in it. “Aka, they won’t put in the work”.

When people pay for something, it creates value right away, it gives them a reason to use it and to take action.

In my community, even though I do give a lot of valuable and actionable content, I still get asked on how to do certain things, on which I will, or am creating to sell, so I can create an income, to keep doing what I’m doing and to give them the opportunity to take action and change their lives.

What I’ve learnt from other influencers is that you should sell on each post you provide to your audience even if it doesn’t look like it.

Having had a look in my email inbox, all the top influencers who provide amazing free content, also have on most of their emails, a sales pitch of some kind.

You might not even realise that they are selling you something, if they are good enough in providing it.

The two I was looking at in particular, were from Gary Vaynerchuk and Ramit Sethi, which is interesting because Gary provides all his content free for us to consume, but on his email at the moment he sells a subscription to wine 🍷…

Ramit on the other hand, on his website he has an area called the 98% on which he shares 98% of his material completely free.

But, being part of his email list what I’ve noticed is, Ramit shares valuable information everyday but also gives you the opportunity to join his lessons and courses in each of his emails.

Sometimes it’s not as obvious as you might think, as he will bring you back to his website and sometimes he gives you a countdown before he raises the price on certain courses or training.

The reason why influencers like them do this, is so they can keep doing what they are doing and keep you interested and turns you into a valued repeat customer.

People that receive valuable content will 99% of the time will want to return the favour and purchase something from the person that provided it.

Heck, I have purchased tons of books from loads of different types of influencers, a way I can give back to them for what they’ve thought me.

That is why, they and other influential people provide you with action steps to take, so you can give back in the future, so they can keep doing what they are doing.

But if you are an Entrepreneur, starting out you can’t just jump right in and start selling to an audience who know nothing about you. First provide value, create your products, books, courses, mentoring for your audience, let them know what you are doing, be clever about it.

Ask them what they want, more then likely most of them will tell you, without you even asking the question.

Then, once it’s created, keep creating more while offering your audience what you have for sale.

This way, you won’t look like you don’t know what your talking about and you will also create a tribe who will purchase anything from you.

When people don’t purchase something you provide, it’s them that is missing out, not you, unless you are providing sh*t that doesn’t help anyone except no1.

Be sure to give the 98% that Ramit or Gary give, that way you will create true fans and buyers of everything you create.

Just be sure to give them 98% and sell the other 2%, so you can keep on giving your all.



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