Losing Your Drive? How To Get It Back By Wiping The Board.

I’ve always been a clean freak, I love to have things perfect and if not perfect at least organised.

I think it came from my cousin who moved to Germany when she was nine or ten. When she came back to Ireland to live, she had gained some traits that German people have, the main one being organised.

During my early 20s, we hung out a lot, so I think that’s where I picked up some of these traits.

I love being organised, even though lately, I wasn’t. I was a mess, I didn’t know what to do with myself, and I didn’t know what path to take, even though I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur I was doing way too much.

I was building websites, buying and selling domains, trying to build an audience on Instagram, and loads, loads more.

I’ve even spent over a $1,000 on Facebook ads (without even learning how to do it right, APE)

So, as you can see, I was involved in way too many things.

It was earlier this year, my wife said to me, stop talking about doing these things you keep talking about and start showing me results.

Boom 💥


That was the push I needed to get me going.

I dropped everything, I stopped dominating (even though I still own domains, I don’t actively buy & sell), I stopped building websites and stopped everything else.

I had to figure out what I was good at, and win at that before I get into anything else.

So, I picked building a community, a Facebook community to be exact.

At first, it was slow, I shared my knowledge and my skills to a pretty empty space, but I kept persisting and wouldn’t give up.

After a few months, I had a group of 81 members, some of whom were my family, and the 1 was me.

I studied and learned about communities, I tried and tested things that someone with a group probably shouldn’t try.

Then all of a sudden, I got it, I figured out how it worked.

Well, when I say all of a sudden, I really mean months.


Within two months I grew the Community from 81 to two thousand members and counting, all because I wiped the board of all the shit I was doing and focused on just one thing…

I showed results, gained trust and got followers, that will follow me everywhere.

This also goes for any social media growth, pick one place and grow it.

Find out what your good and, share your knowledge and build a community.

This way, every day you get up, you’ll have lots of motivation and drive to help your people grow, which will enrich you with loads of goals and plenty success.

If there’s one other thing to take away from this, stop pilling on all the work, focus on the one thing and get good at that.!



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