Letter To Myself, from Sunny Portugal

“I wrote this in April 2017 when myself and my family went on a weeks vacation over to Portugal.

This was about the journey there, from door to door.

Hope you enjoy…”


Good afternoon, to myself.


It is the third day that myself and my family, Sinéad my wife and Caoimhe our daughter are on our holidays in Quarteira, Algarve, Portugal.


Before arriving here, I woke up on Sunday morning, Sinéad was up before me making food for her family next door, in her parent’s house, as her brothers David and Cillian’s families were down to spend Easter Sunday with their parents David and Doreen.


Sinéad being a pastry chef is very talented at making just about anything. Buns, cakes, salads, you name it, my wife can make just about anything, and it’s always delicious.


She had been up since the crack of dawn, slaving over the oven, making these amazing foods so that her family could enjoy while we left at half one to drive to Cork Airport, one hour and fifteen minutes away.


The morning was productive, we finished packing, organized Caoimhes clothes for her as she was minding the kids next door, and rechecked the booking details to be sure everything was in order.


When by the stroke of luck, I was checking out the details of the apartment that we would be staying in online, and saw that to get the key to the apartment, we’d have to phone them before arriving.


I hadn’t noticed this before as the booking details that I got and had printed out from the travel agency were in Portuguese.


So in a panic, I rang the phone number given to me but the agency of the apartment, with no luck.


You have to remember, it was Sunday morning, but not any Sunday, it was Easter Sunday.


I must have rang about twenty-five times until I thought about phoning the booking agency. When I did I was told by them, that I was the one to organize the key collection and not them.


So I tried the apartment complex again, and again with still no answer.


I got so annoyed, I rang the travel agency back, and explained that we were going to be sleeping on the beach if we could not get through to the apartment complex and I needed their help.


The nice girl on the phone rang them for me, and after a while, she found an emergency phone number that she finally got through and organized a key drop off for us.


After all that hula ballu, I felt a bit more relaxed about the situation and moved on to enjoying the crack that was happening next door with an Easter hunt that was happening for the kids.

Before I knew it, it was time to leave for Cork and head to the airport with the girls.


After hugs and kisses from all, we drove out the gate of Sinéads parents and hit the main road within ten minutes.


Sinéad slept most of the way up because she needed it after her early morning keeping everyone happy.


Arriving at the airport, we parked up the car, walked to the entrance and set our sights on eating in the restaurant. CLOSED for refurbishment!


We had to have a coffee and a sandwich at the cafe. It was only ok, a lot of the sandwiches that we wanted were out of date, which was kinda off putting.


Before we knew it, we joined the queue for passport check. Once through, time had flown by and we were boarding.


As we were being checked through, a woman was fit to burst with temper as she had not pre-booked her seat and was told to wait until everyone had boarded.

She was not happy.


During this two and a half hour journey, I finished one of the two books I brought with me. “Ask” by Ryan Levesque, a book all about asking the right questions to make a sale online.


It’s one of those hard to put down books that will teach you and show you how to ask your customers the right type of questions and lead them to fall in love with your company, buy from you and share to every one of their friends and family about you and your company.


Ryan, a guy who has built a multi-multi-million dollar company using this formula, of which he spent years, days, months, hours, minutes and seconds devising.


Today the Ask formula has generated over $100 million quietly in online sales across a multitude of different industries.


It has helped me to connect better with my customers and grow my business, and Subscribers, it can help you as well.


Go check it out, NO I Ask you to check it out…


Back to the story…

We arrived at Faro airport at around 8:50 pm. After going outside we went to where our transfer was to pick us up. He was a very chatty Portuguese man. He told us all about inland Portugal, best restaurants to eat at and that he liked the Irish as he used to work for one.


When he dropped us off at our apartment, we met our key giver. A Brazilian boy, who had very little English.

He brought us into our complex, third floor C.


Wow, I thought to myself, this is way bigger than then I thought that it was going to be. The apartment was huge, two rooms, a kitchen, living room and a balcony that stretched the whole apartment.


When he left, we made ourselves comfortable. We walked the promenade, looking for a place to eat, as we were starving after our quick bite to eat in Cork airport.


Not many places were open, except for a few here and there, being it Easter Sunday and all. We found a place, right next door to where we were staying called Giraffes.


Huge burgers and HUGE Crepes and even BIGGER Ice-creams, we were in our element.


When we finished, we paid, we crawled back up to our apartment, and we slept the whole night through, waiting to wake up to sunshine and heat.


Until next time, when I’m on the beach…



– Daniel

P.S. Have you ever had travel problems, like being delayed waiting on the place or put into accommodation that you never booked.

Or are you like the woman, who was in a temper for not being left on the plane. I’d love to hear your stories guys. Post them in the comment’s below, under this post…



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