Learn From My Failures And Success

Recently I wrote a post on my Facebook Community about how to find a product online and sell it.

This is the “path to freedom”.

Once you can create a recurring income from selling something online, (or offline), without putting much work into it, that is the dream that we are all aiming for, that is “The Financial Freedom Forever dream”.

Whether it’s a physical or digital product, as long as it can be renewed that is what you want.

It is possible, and it is real.

Recently, I’ve been struggling with motivation for a few weeks.

I’ve told no one, but I keep going because, I know it’s possible to create success, no matter what stage you are at, in your life or your business.

I just know, I know it will take time and effort.

“All good things come to those who wait.”

You just have to put in the work, and oh my god, I have.

I’ve been Posting blog posts nearly everyday for two weeks on Medium, every Friday on my own blog, another private post on my group, Instagram, Twitter, the DM, Snapchat, and I learn something new everyday from reading, writing, watching and listening.

I even know why I’ve been struggling, and it’s not because I am failing, it’s because I want more time to do, what I love to do.

I’ve grown my Group to over two thousand people within a month, and it’s growing extremely fast.



It’s not about thinking small, I think big, I need to put content everywhere and from what I can see, I’m getting a good return already in new members.

I think why, I’m not as motivated is because it’s all time consuming, and I want more time.

See, at the moment I am in employment, in a job or (Just/over/broke) as Robert Kiyosaki would say.

I’ve been trying for years to get out of the rat race and it’s now I’m now losing motivation, which is strange because I am nearly out of it for good.

I know the steps and I know how.

I’ve been having success, even though I am not being paid for my time.

I’ve been learning as much as I can. My father said to me something to me, I know to be right, “education is most important, and with it, you can work anywhere in the world.”

My father is not wrong, this is the kind of stuff you hear and read about online like, “Work from home” or “The Four Hour Work Week” or “Work from a beach on your laptop”, these are all examples of working from anywhere, but what they don’t say is, LEARN and educate yourself.

It’s all about education, that’s why I believe school is important but fundamentally flawed, and needs to be rearranged and edited.

People are losing focus and are needing and wanting things without putting in the work.

You know someone like this, I know someone like this, and you know that everything that they do, is a mess.

“Organisation is the key”, slow down, walk, think and focus!”

We need the workers, the ones who won’t be successful in business or work, but will have small little successes that will keep them going in their lives to keep them happy and content.

They are the shoppers, the ones who will buy stuff from you and I, purchase things that they don’t even need, splurge on vacations, homes, stuff and things.

These are your buyers. They keep the economies going, and they keep the world turning.

We need them.

But for the ones who want to grow and reach levels that they can only dream, I want to be there to help them make it reality.

I’ve learned stuff that others would pay hundreds to know, that’s why I’m creating everything now, free, so that people will follow my information and grow with me, I need you, and you need me.

So, what I’m going to do is prove to you that I know what I’m talking about, I’m going to show you how I, starting from now, over the next few months, show you, with all my knowledge, how to become successful in business.

I am going to put my money where my mouth is, and show it’s possible and it can be for you too.

Watch closely, listen, and read what I’m doing. It will happen and it will be awesome.

And even if it doesn’t work, I’ll try again, and again so that you can learn from my success, and most importantly, learn from my mistakes.


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