Lack Of Motivation Is A Killer

I can remember a time when I didn’t feel like I do know.

I was calm, relaxed and I didn’t have a care in the world.

These days my mind does not stop racing. I mean, every minute of every day, even when I sleep, all I think about is how to better myself, how can I be more successful.

It was good back then, I had no worries about the future, no stress about what’s going to happen next. But as I got older and I got married and my mindset changed. I think for the best.

Now, all I do is think what I can do next, how can I do it, what steps do I need to take and which way to go.

I’m not saying it isn’t good now, it’s actually great.

But back then when it was just good, I didn’t think at all, I had no future outlook so no worries… which is Bad & Good.


The title of this post is called “Lack of Motivation is a Killer”, because, sometimes I overwork myself way too much, I lose motivation, I give up on what I’m doing and I don’t believe in myself.

What I think happens, is that I am so over motivated and so overworked that unintentionally I crash & burn. I don’t want this to happen, I don’t like it, but it just does.

When I am motivated, I am awesome, I get so much done with my writing, recordings, and helping others reach their goals.



The people around me don’t hear anything else but me talking about my passion, and how I can do this or do that. But when I hit a slump… nothing.

I wonder if this what happens to others.

I know that sometimes life just gets you down, whether its a fail you’ve had, someone telling you, your not good enough, or you get beaten down everyday…

I’ve read some horror stories both on Facebook & Quora lately about people wanting to end their lives, that they have no hope, no joy, no…. futures…

Guys, girls, people, please understand, I know that some of you are going through hard times, I know that nobody, but you can understand what you’re going through, but please listen to what I have to say before you make go the wrong move…

Imagine, if humans gave up when they first tried to walk, talk or tried to survive, we wouldn’t be here today…

We, as a species have it all, we are on top of the food chain, we control everything, each individual can control their own faith.

If you want to go left, you can go left, if you want to talk, you can talk…

Think about that for a minute, let it sink in.

You can do anything… anything.

Survive, is what I want you to do.

If you’re having a bad time, change it, make it a good time.

Maybe you think you can’t!

Listen, you CAN, others have done it before you.

They started with nothing!




I know people that were homeless and owed the bank thousands of dollars, but they struggled through and now have it all.

You can learn from experience, that’s why we are all here, humans learn from their mistakes, and then as time goes on, change their mistakes and create success…

You live in the greatest time ever, today no matter how bad it is, if you are reading this, it’s still fucking awesome.

There are fewer people dying in the world today, in the history of mankind, full stop.

You have a technology in your hand that you can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime in the world.

If you need help, advice, training, a path to follow, it’s all there.

It’s called the mobile phone, and it’s all Free…


But, this has nothing to do with you, this has nothing to do with how your feeling…

Ok, another way of looking at it is what I said about the experience before is true.

People learn from it, correct their mistakes, help other people through theirs. and bring success to all.

You can do this too, do you think that there aren’t any others like you, thinking the same thoughts?

You can help them, you can survive your experience by learning from others on the internet, and then go help other people that need to change, that need the help, that need a new path to walk on…

It doesn’t matter if you were raped, molested, beaten, depressed or alone.

You can help others survive because in the world we live in, you have had the experience and you also have the tools to help others never experience what you’ve gone through.


You are using a tool right now, you are reading this, learning, unknowingly to you, correcting the mistakes in your head.

They say it’s survival of the fittest, their wrong, it’s survival of community and togetherness.

Without others helping, the fittest wouldn’t even survive.

It’s all about mindset and motivation…

Don’t let it be a killer, let it be a winner…

Go help others and strive for Success…



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