Keywords Are Just Mad…

I was talking to a follower of mine on messenger, good old DM (Direct Mail).

She was reading an article about “Long tail keywords” and how to get tons of traffic from them.

It got me thinking and gave me an epiphany on how they work and how to get tons of traffic.

When I used to Domain, I used to buy domain names that had searches above 10,000 and under 20,000 each, because they were cheap and had traffic.

It was a good way to get my stuff found on Google.

It’s the same thing with keywords, actually even better.

Instead of using on Domain keyword like I was using, keywords used in a post can have hundreds of searches for each one.



Then, I started to think about the way I use hashtags.

I use ones that have low searches, around 5,000 to 50,000 because a picture or video can go viral faster that way, as it makes it easier to be found.

It’s the same on YouTube using low searched keywords are enough to get your content found.

Only thing is on YouTube you there’s no show on how many times a keyword has been used on it, unlike Instagram.

So, I presume that if I had Instagram open at the same time as I am entering my keywords on YouTube, I could get a rough idea which low keywords to use from Instagram.


Now, about blogging & keywords

When you blog and you want a post to be found on a search engine like Google or Bing, you’ll have to enter top keywords for your header and in the first 50 words of the post, even repeating the header again in the post.

Figuring out long tail keywords for posts can be a head wreck. You might even have a mental block when it comes to coming up with even a few keywords.

There is an easy way to do this.

It is to use Google Keywords and then searching for a Top Level Keyword.

Google will then show you a whole pile of keywords under that. Most will be long tail keywords.

Even better, Google will even show you how many searches a month, that long tail gets.

Use these long tail sentences on your blog and that should help your post climb ranks on Google.

Now, to find other long tail sentences, there is an easier way than what I mentioned.

Just search for a Top Level Keyword on the Google search bar and scroll down to the bottom and they will show you examples of what others are searching for before you. Like before, most will be long tail keywords.


They say seo is dying or dead, but to me, I just think it’s evolved.

Google is always making it harder for marketers & bloggers on their search engine to be found, but one thing they always do, rank for keywords.

Even if you didn’t really think about using certain keywords, sometimes your posts can. even be found randomly.

On Google they also use location, so depending on the location you are doing business in, when you use long tail keywords from that location, your post will be found much faster then if you hadn’t used location keywords

Twitter and Instagram are much the same when it comes to keywords.

There are different options for the keywords used, like “Top, People, Location, hashtags.

These options are a great way for you or your business to be found.

Hashtags have been around for 10 years already and have really changed the face of keywords, as they are used in different ways on different platforms.

There is one way though, that they work in the same way. That is, they are used to get stuff found.



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