Is School The Right Place To Educate New Generations?

Woooh, this is a big question to answer and is not a simple one.

To first answer this question I’ll have to put it to you mildly, and quite simple to you because this will be debated.

Yes, I think children, teens and adults all should be educated in schools, colleges and universities and why might surprise you!

But first to cover myself and what I’m about to say, we should all as humans should start off this way, we should all go to school.

The reason being, because we are social creatures and we need to be connected with other humans in some sort of way. School is great for this, it teaches us what to say, what to do and how to interact with others. We also learn morals, feelings and to strengthen our minds as we get older.


I was taught in a school, I have no regrets. But I think it’s what you learn after an education that’s important.

Most people give up learning things after they finish school.

Maybe that’s where school fails, they pump so much stuff, into young brains so fast that when it’s all done and finished they pretty much a meltdown and never go back to education again.

They’ll just go to work and live life like everyone else around them, and die.

But for the ones like us, the people that read this, you and I. We are in a different boat. I think we woke up, something clicked inside us that we always knew we had. We are obsessed with improving ourselves, to have a better life, to look better, to be successful. There are a few types but we are all the same, we all have the obsession to be better.

The reason why school is important and the reason I’m probably going to get a lot of shit for this post is because school is needed for workers…


“Yes workers”…


Now, hear me out, society in my eyes is structured. There are people on the top, changing things, making society a better place, a more relaxed and organised place, then there are people that run things like Presidents, politicians, Owners and Managers and last there are people that work, which is everyone else, these are the people that create things that the other two categories imagine for everyone.



Most of us are brought into this world as workers but only the obsessed can get out of this category and rise to the next. We need workers in this world because they make things that we all need, and without a bit of control, the world would be chaos, it would be a mess, war, destruction and killing or even worse, the end of humanity.

Without workers, the other categories would have no one to make, create and develop anything that they imagine. Even some Top people and People that run things can fit into this category too, but the only difference between them and the worker is they don’t have to do it if they don’t want to.


People that run things

They are essentially the organisers and controllers, without these guys and girls, the place would be a mess. They might not seem to be doing anything, changing anything or creating anything new, because what works is, what’s happening now and they know it. Money spent on something today, tomorrow somewhere else might need it and if they do things slowly, there will be less change so fewer problems. Always fussy, always something wrong and never anything fixed.


The Top People

These are people that want to create things, want to change the world. They are driven by success and enjoy winning. These are the entrepreneurs, sports athletes, rescue people and influencers. Making money is only something in the background so they can accomplish their goals. They were and are workers and now they delegate jobs to workers and the people that run things.



So, the reason I think that the education system is important, is because it creates these different categories, without them the world would be chaotic.

We need each other, some people are just meant for work, others are meant to run things and others are meant to change the world.🌎



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