Instagram Polls, Facebook tackles Fake news & I’ve become a movie director

Sunday 01st – 08th of October 2017

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Here’s your weekly dose of “Weekly 5.”

In case you’ve missed it –

Instagram have something really cool for us to now play around with, it’s called “Instagram Polls”.

Now in Instagram stories you can create a Poll to get more interactive with your followers.

You can find it by going to Instagram Stories, add a sticker and it’s there to use, to add to your story.



Ask questions and find out what your audience wants, like and what they would buy off you.

This is great for sellers with huge followings, as they can now test products on stories to see what works, and what doesn’t. They can then post the product with the most votes on their feed and start selling.

Go check it out and let me know what you asked and what results you got, in the comments.

The war on fake news has been a crazy one, especially because of social networks and news travelling so fast.

Some Bloggers, reporters and writers have not been doing their job very well and have not been doing the research. Facebook is the biggest social network and have to set an example, maybe just have.



I’m happy to announce that Facebook has a new update to now keep us more informed on where the information is coming from.

Now in the news articles, we see on Facebook, you’ll see a new feature with an Information button. This information button will show you other places the information is being shared, what areas it is most active, as in towns, cities and counties. You’ll then have to judge for yourself is it real news or fake news while at the time being more informed.

Fake news is affecting us all, news sites mostly post only bad, exciting or crazy news for ratings. They do this to get us glued to what their sharing, because this type of news puts the fear in us and keeps us watching, as we get addicted to wondering will we be ok, will it affect us etc, and they can then show us ads and sell things to us.

“Be aware”.

Google is working on an App to rival Snapchat. They are calling the App “Stamp”.

With Google’s algorithms, content both written and video, could this disrupt Snapchat’s coolness.



Is this the new App that will carry the youth from Snapchat another Network?

Personally, I’m not sure.🤔

Even though Google are the leaders in “search”, I don’t think they have it when it comes to copying others.

Look what happened to Google+, a bit of a failure, I’m only waiting for the day they shut down. I have an account but I don’t even use it and I don’t have it on my website which is set up in such a way for people to connect with me socially.

They’d be better off if they spent their efforts and money on buying Snapchat from Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

This is what Facebook did with other Apps & networks that have proven successful, ie: Instagram & WhatsApp.

Google also had success buying other companies, like YouTube. What they forget is, you should buy a company for the people and not the business.

That is why this new rival to Snapchat might fail, because they are creating a mimic, a copy and not something unique and cool like Snapchat and most important, don’t have the mindset and belief of the creators.


What I’m doing at the moment –

I have spent all week recording videos for my course…

It was interesting, as I’ve never created a course before.

I’ve recorded around 20 videos, most around 15 mins long, others a bit shorter. I’m a full believer in getting straight to the point, and that’s what I have done.

Other then these videos, I’ll have to create another few extra videos.

The ones that I have done are explaining theory, and in the videos, I do in the upcoming week, they will be examples and proof.

This course will show you exactly how to grow a Facebook community to a thousand members or more within one month. I’ve named it the PATH TO FREEDOM because that’s what it’s designed to do.

It’s designed to make you an INFLUENCER and LEADER within 1 month of starting it, and show you how to make thousands of dollars monthly.

I’m being serious. And I’m going to guarantee it. If this course fails to grow your Community to a thousand members within 1 month… seriously, I want you to DM me a message explaining what you did in an attempt to grow a community… and I’ll send you every penny you paid for the course.

Sign up to to get a notification when I launch it…


A tip or advice from an Influencer –

This weeks advice comes from Sara Blakely, who is the founder of Spanx.

When asked how she became successful, she doesn’t answer by telling her story, about how she set up the company and became one of America’s wealthiest woman. No, she tells the story of her when she was little, that her father would ask her at the end of every week, “what did she fail at”.

He didn’t do this to find out how well she did at school, nor to find out how she did in sports or exams, he did this to build her confidence and when she told him what she failed at, her “high-fived her”.

Failure is something people don’t deal with very well and what Sara’s father did for her was make her immune to fail, so she’d keep trying to succeed no matter what.

I have this immunity built into me also. A failure can become a success, don’t let the nay-sayers tell you otherwise. There is proof of this worldwide.



I can tell you that every Entrepreneur you look up to was once like you, testing and trying to get to the next level.

If you think you’ve already become successful, and finished reaching for more, Stop!

There is always someone else to pass you out, keep battling and keep becoming the best.


One of the Most popular posts This Week on Financial Freedom Forever –

This week I posted two videos in the group. One was all about how to create a free funnel and the other was how to create a lead magnet.

It’s amazing for me to see how many people don’t know about Lead magnets, how they are so important and why they should have one. In the video, I explain how to create one. How from just writing content every week you have unknowingly creating lead magnets.


Quote, I’m pondering –

“Shout out to all the plants 🌱 growing through concrete.” – Unknown

Haha, this is a great quote.

It shows that you should always persevere no matter where or what circumstances you’re in. You’ll always pull through if you reach for the sky…


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Daniel Mac Sweeney

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