How to start dropshipping

We all want to make money online but sometimes get overwhelmed with all the different options is there. We here about WordPress blogs or e-commerce shops, Amazon FBA, ClickFunnels, eBay, Facebook groups, pages, become an Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube or Twitter Influencer and having Shopify stores.
What they all have in common, is that you can drop-ship and make money with them all.


People make out Drop-Shipping to be the most complicated thing there is, but it’s not. It all depends on how you want to go about it and how you want to sell your product.


There are a few places online to source out products to drop-ship like AliExpress, Alibaba and others like DNGate.
They all do different things, it all depends on how you want to sell, but for this example, we are only going to focus on the first two. Alibaba is for ordering bulk products at really discounted prices, while AliExpress is a bit like Amazon where you can search through the catalogue and purchase single products to ship, but unlike Amazon, the prices are way, way cheaper and aren’t known brands.


On Alibaba, you can also find companies to create products to your specifications by posting a job, providing all the details and even use already created products to brand with your own logos.


Here are some example of how to use Drop-Shipping –


Drop Shipping and sourcing products to sell via WordPress can be done with AliExpress.
When you build your WordPress store using one of the store plugins like the e-commerce plugin, you can start adding products one by one.
To find products on Alibaba all you need to do is copy and save the images of the product and add them to your own website. Write good copy to convert visitors and price your product well, then drive traffic. When you receive an order on your website, all you need do is go to AliExpress and use the details that were given to you and then order the product to ship to your customer using the money that they paid you, making you profit.

Be sure to find items for sale on AliExpress that has free shipping with epacket as products will be delivered faster to your customers with tracking details that you can send them.
It does take a bit of time to go through the orders, but when you are making enough money from drop-shipping, you can then pay a freelancer from the likes of Fiverr or Upwork to complete these orders for you daily.


With Amazon, you can do the same as with WordPress, but you can do something different also to make more profit from your product and that is going down the route of FBA, which means “fulfilled by Amazon”.

Sourcing your products from Alibaba and changing little details like the logo or the way it looks or feels, you can order products in bulk to be sent to a destination of your choice or straight to Amazon itself, where they will organise it and send it to different warehouses to be shipped to your customers.
Having products based in an Amazon warehouse has a low maintenance as once customers order, Amazon will fulfil it, so all you have to worry about is keeping your stock full.
Read more on FBA on Amazon.


Selling drop-shipping products with Shopify is simple. There are a few ways to set up shop here and dropship. When setting up a store you can search products and add them in seconds with a plugin called Oberlo.
When your customers order a product you’ll still have to complete to order yourself, like you had to do on WordPress.
There are now plugins that you can use which will complete your customer’s order and complete the shipping without you having to fill in any shipping details.


With Shopify, you can integrate your products with Facebook so they show up on your FB Pages. But you don’t need a second party store to sell products on Facebook, you can just use PayPal so that people can pay you for products.
Facebook also now have a marketplace where you can sell any items that you have lying around at home, but you can use this for selling drop-shipping products also. Facebook doesn’t yet have a payment system but watch this space.

Instagram & Twitter

All you need on Instagram & Twitter is a landing page to sell products. Post a link to your profile and send people back to products that you are selling.
If you don’t have landing page software, use a Facebook page and use PayPal to get paid. There is landing page software online that you can find for free and others that you’ll have to pay for, like ClickFunnels.
As long as you have a good product to sell and can drive traffic to, you’ll make money.


With drop-Shipping you can make thousands weekly, all you need to do is understand that you will have to drive traffic to your product.
Remember, you are competing with millions of other sellers, so have a good marketing plan. Don’t just jump in, learn, study and understand what people need that way, you’ll succeed.


I know I’m only giving you the basics here, and to really get into learning about drop shipping you should search YouTube videos as there are probably hundreds and thousands of them to watch, I’ll even post one that I did in the comments.





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