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As I wake up this morning I look out to the rising sun and think to myself, god I’m a lucky guy.
The only things I have to worry about is what I need to do to make myself more productive for the day.


What about you?


Have you ever felt that the only things that matter in life is to make it through the day to the next… alive?




Well then, you’ve no excuses!
You have the time, you have the ability and the technology to do amazing things. You just need to take action on your abilities and create something as humans were intended to do.


The reason I created my community “Financial Freedom Forever” was for a selfish reason.
It was to learn from others, their mistakes and connect with like minded people. To say it worked is an understatement because I’ve met so many awesome people who’ve liked what I do and helped me along my journey.


Because of this community I’ve been interviewed on “The Expat Money Show Podcast, mentioned on Profit CoPilot, Confessions of a lifetime Entrepreneur Podcast and I’ve been invited to two masterminds where I’m educated even further by some of the greatest upcoming influencers who you’ll be hearing a lot about in the future.


I’ve been hearing a lot about social media and why it’s not the place to start online when you want to start a business… I beg to differ!


There is so much opportunity on social media but! You’ve got to make sure you’re capturing emails.
Email is yours and yours alone, on social media you can lose all your list and followers in a blink of an eye if the site goes down or dies.


Build your list and use the places where people are, to grow that list. I use Facebook a lot and during the last week I’ve grown my list by 200 people from it. With my list I can promote, sell and connect with my audience even when everything else goes out of date.


I was listening to a podcast recently with Mike Dillard and he was talking about how his list made him over $250,000 with three emails.


He went on the explain that his list was at the time around 400,000 people and he promoted an affiliate link for people to join an investment newsletter (which I’m a follower). Out of that 400,000 people only 10,000 people signed up which shows the proof of how powerful email actually is.


So let’s go over what I’m talking about:

1.) Build a community on Facebook
2.) Capture their emails
3.) Promote, sell and help


Now for you, what do you do?
Maybe you’re not into financial freedom and more into gaming or makeup.
Ya, that’s fine too. First build a community on those subjects, the money and opportunities will come if you’re passionate about what you do.


Focus on the endgame, the happiness that someone will get because you’ve provided them with a solution to something or a connection to someone.


About the selling!
When you have a list you can do as Mike did and create, promote or sell something on your niche to your audience. There are many places online that can do all the work for you free to provide you with the know how, tools and tech to achieve your goals.


If there’s one thing you take away from this post, that’s to take action!


If you’re looking for the tools to help you achieve what I’m taking about, Facebook is free to use. You can set up a Facebook community and start inviting your friends in minutes.


I use ClickFunnels to capture emails, grow my list and grow my community. It’s the best software out there for lead magnets as you can bring people through a funnels and even sell them things in the process of email capture if your good enough.


Get your 14 day trial with ClickFunnels today and I’ll send you a free funnel to get you started, once you send me the receipt 👉👉👉



For email posting, I use which is free until you reach 2,000 subscribers. I love the fact you can set up email sequences for when people join your list. I personally haves three day email sequence that goes out to all my new subscribers so they get to know me better.


Right! This is it!
You’ve no excuses,
Just go do it!

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Ya, I know Free…

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Thank you…




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Hope you enjoyed my post.


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