How to set up a WordPress blog, the step by step guide

When I first began online, the only way I knew how to build websites was with html. I didn’t know how to program myself, so I went and did a course about building websites.


We used tools like notepad on windows and a program which you had to buy called dreamweaver.


When I needed my first website built, I went to a website called elance (now Upwork) and hired a web developer to build my site because I couldn’t do it myself so. It cost me around a $100 and took about a week to make.


Now, after a few years of learning how to make websites myself I can see I wasted my money.


The web developer made my website with an Online Website builder called WordPress.


Things have changed over the years which have made things easier and simpler to build websites more sleek and beautiful. WordPress is one of these such company’s and probably the most well known.


WordPress is used by millions of websites online mostly because it’s free to use.


After I saw what that web developer gave me I logged into the backend of my WordPress website and started editing and changing things. I got to know my way around the backend.


Now I want to pass on my knowledge of how to set up a WordPress website.


I’ll start by explaining how to connect your domain to WordPress from your hosting account cPanel, to setting up a working active website.


But first, why I use WordPress!

WordPress isn’t the only website creator out there. But to me, it’s the best. I have tried some of them, all but with WordPress I felt that I’d more options to make a Website Beautiful.


Thousands of themes – within the WordPress depository they have thousands of free themes that can be downloaded and installed to change the way your website looks. There are so many different styles to download that can turn your website into an online newspaper to a fully functional online marketplace.


Other than free themes you can also purchase themes that have more functionality and designs. You can buy these themes, not only from WordPress’s eveo marketplace but on marketplaces like and also from bloggers that sell their own designs and themes on their websites like Pat Flynn‘s theme & Michael Hyatt theme.


Free – Its a well known fact that people like free things, even if it’s a trial we jump to the chance to get it. The stats show that WordPress has over 74,652,825 sites, that is about 1 website for every person in Turkey.


Mobile ready – Out of the world’s estimated 7 billion people, at least 6 billion+ have access to mobile phones. Out of that 6 billion It’s estimated that there are roughly 2.16 billion smartphone users in the market, says a report online. That means it’s never been easier to get online. These stats show how important it is to have a mobile ready website. WordPress does all the work for you with this, as most of their themes come mobile friendly. So you don’t have to worry about paying for developers to convert your website.


Integrated with online software – the likes of Mailchimp and ClickFunnels are examples of integrated software. These software plugins and sites once were stand alone projects, but now because they compliment and work so well with WordPress, that they have been integrated with each other the make the user experience easier and user friendly.


Social Networks – Where, in a world where we are all connected through social media, other websites have caught on and started connecting with other websites. Take Facebook & Twitter, they are pretty much used by most websites, connecting users, to and from their websites. WordPress uses these networks and more, to grow their Online presence.


Updated constantly – WordPress is top class when it come to keeping it’s service updated. They have incredibly active developer and user community who constantly are undergoing updates.


Easy access – All you have to do when you need to access your website is to type into the search bar and depending on your tld (.com, .net, .domains) enter

Then you will be brought to your login page for your site.


Plugins are great and plentiful – When you want to change things on your website, instead of writing code you can just search the plugins tab. WordPress has 40,000 + plugins, which most are free. Paid plugins are good to purchase because, you will know that the plugin seller will want to keep their plugin constantly updated so they can keep making profits from selling it.


Html & code – On the posts and pages in WordPress you can change from text to html with the click of a button. With plugins you can get a plugin that is called a shortcode. With that you can just drop the code into any post or page which will then show on the live page.


If you are skilled on the backend of WordPress you can also edit and change the way your theme looks and feels.


SEO made easy – By using WordPress, your website automatically starts listing on all the top search engines like Google and Bing. If you really want to get noticed, you’ll have to download a plugin for SEO and add keywords and descriptions for every page, product, image and more. The one I use is Ultimate SEO, it’s easy to use and very good at getting your site ranked.


Schedule your Business – a cool feature of WordPress is “schedule post”. This comes in really handy when you are traveling or can’t get to your computer. I, for example prepare and schedule all my posts for at least a month in advance. That it gives me the time to tend to other stuff that is more important at the time.


Security – ok so WordPress isn’t known for their top of the line security. But what it does offer is a wide range of plugins in their marketplace. There is a sea of security plugins just search and Install one of them and let it do it’s job.


Hosted or Self-Hosted – there are two ways of using WordPress. WordPress .org & WordPress .com.


They both do the same thing which is let you blog. WordPress .com let’s you start a blog in minutes free of charge with your website being hosted with them, leaving you with a URL looking like two websites in one (ie.


On the other side of the coin WordPress .org let’s you host your domain with mostly any hosting website like the one I use and recommend, so that your URL will be short with just


~ Time to set up WordPress ~

WordPress makes is very easy to install third party scripts to your hosting account.


Once you’ve set up your BlueHost account, you will receive an email from BlueHost with your login and password details. You will also have a link to the dashboard in that email. Click it and you will be brought to your log in page to your Bluehost, once entering your username and password you will be brought to your cPanel account.


Don’t be over whelmed with all the items you see, your not going to need to use most of this stuff.


After logging to your cPanel have a look at the navigation for “website”. You will see a few options to build your website, forget about those and select “Install WordPress”.


Click the Install button on the next page and then choose the domain name you want to use for your website. In the field next to the domain, leave it blank.


(This is only for when you want your site’s main page to be the blog).


Then click “check domain”. Once everything is checked by WordPress you brought to a page where you will see your website login details and password. This information will also be sent to you by email.


“I would recommend right clicking your login link and bookmarking it for easy access. If you forget to do this and don’t know how to find your login link, type your website name in the search bar like this “ie” and you will be brought to your login page.




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