How to rank your Personal Brand name on Google Page 1

Ranking on page 1 in Google for your name.

I will admit it, this is a hard thing to do but taking these steps you’ll be on Page one in no time.


First of all what you need is content.

Yes, it’s that simple but true. When you create content you’ll be listing your fingerprint everywhere you post it. This content is Seo and Google goes through the keywords that you use. If you want to rank yourself on Google, then sign off every post, video description, Instagram picture, tweet or Facebook post with your personal name.

A bit like this… ⤵️⤵️⤵️



It might take a bit of time, but when Google sees this, they will start to rank your keyword, which is your name.


Another way to rank on Google with your name is to sign up for every platform new and old and put your name in the bio… these huge networks do the work for you. Use the keyword you want to be listed for, which is (Daniel Mac Sweeney) in my case.


That’s why on Google when you search peoples names you’ll often see peoples Facebook pages ranking. That’s why it’s important to fill in the description on Facebook and other networks. This goes for bios also. Use the keyword you want to rank which is your name.





YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest and more, they’re all the same. They are all listed on the main source which is Google and the same rules apply to all, Seo.


Google has an algorithm which detects fake accounts also. That means you can’t just sign up for social networks, use random text and gibberish. You have to use a real, understandable description for your bios and descriptions. The more real you are, the better for you and for Google.


Domain names are important as well. I would insist everyone, to purchase and own their own named Domain name, in dot com. If you can’t get your name in dot com, there are always other options & TLDs to choose from. That’s why I own my name, it creates its own search engine optimization all by itself.



Images are important too when you have your own website. When you post an image fill in a description on it, images rank on Google too and can also be used as a back-link to your website.



Videos are a great way also to rank.
Ok, think about it like this… Google, is the internet and they will rank you higher if you use their websites. YouTube is owned by Google and when you use keywords like your name in the description on YouTube, Google will rank you on their search engine.



The same goes for Google+ their social network. If you have an account with Google+ you’ve probably noticed already that your account shows up on the Google search engine, even though you don’t post there at all.
Haha, well it does for me anyway…


So the actions you need to take to rank on page one on Google are; sign up to all the social networks that are the top ranking. Then use the description, the bios and tags to connect the dots.
You’ve gotta think about the bigger picture, Google is King… and every network, no matter how big is listed on Google, all the same rules apply…


One of my favourite ways to build my Brand name is to guest post on other Blogs or even be a guest on a Podcast like I was on “The Expat Money Show” with Mikkel Thorup.


This is a way to build social proof with your audience, so they see you everywhere and on other great websites.
Another way to rank is to comment on peoples posts, ones that are ranking very high up on Google for certain keywords. As these posts are highly ranked, they will do all the work for you when someone searches for your name. I like to use this way because it also creates back-links to my own website.


If you have a large audience, I’d recommend asking a few trustworthy people to write a Wikipedia of who you are and what you do. This is awesome for ranking on Google and it’s the best social proof that you can do. This Wikipedia page with your details will be on page one and rank over everything else.


Get mentioned by others.
This helps if you have a big following, as the more content you share you will eventually be mentioned by people that respect what you are sharing with them. This has happened to me from people in my community, like being mentioned by Mick Meaney of on his YouTube video.



I hope this blog post helps you build your own personal brand. The tactics that I spoke of can also help your brand whatever it is. It might take a bit of work in the short term, but in the long term, you will be No.1 on Google…


Glad I could help,
Thanks for reading,


Daniel Mac Sweeney



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