How to rank your Business on the first page of Google

For anyone building a personal brand, what they need is to be seen, to create awareness on what they do and why they do it.


I was working with Mikkel Thorup of “The Expat Money Show” podcast, on his SEO during the week. During our discussion, it gave me the inspiration to write this very helpful post on SEO.


SEO is very hard and time consuming but if your clever about it, you can take over Google’s page one with the tactics that I’m going to share with you today for the keywords that you use…


I worked for an SEO company way back in 2010. I learned a bit about SEO while I was there. Most of it was about keywords, not small keywords but long tail ones. Things are a bit different these days, in that you can’t add all the keywords for your niche in the backend anymore because Google changed its algorithm. Saying that, keywords still work the same, they still get your website found but now keywords need to be used in your content and not hidden like they were.


I used long tail keywords for the local area that we were based in Melbourne using html. Within less then two or three weeks my boss couldn’t get over that I had a few websites ranking on page one for their keywords.


Things are a bit different these days, html SEO is black hat and Google doesn’t rank websites that have hidden keywords very well.


Over the last few years I’ve learned loads of new techniques. I’ve even ranked two or three websites of mine on the first page of Google for their Top keywords.
VRDomains .net, NoReserve .Domains & DanielMacSweeney .com


There is only one live today and if you search for it you will see I’ve completely taken over that main keyword for page one on Google.


That is my own website DanielMacSweeney .com


If you search my name “Daniel Mac Sweeney” every person in the world that has my name isn’t there, it’s only me.


How did I do this?

Seo takes time but if you put in the foundation it can be faster. As you know, it’s all about Keywords.
Not just on your website, but everywhere else also.


If you want to take over page one, use what’s available. The best and most popular networks around are your best bet, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit etc. Edit all profiles and use your name in all. These will rank faster…


Then on your website use your name or a keyword a lot, 5 to 8 times in posts or pages you want to rank. Edit your main page description and use it there also.


All these easy tactics can be used with any keyword. The lesser ranked keywords are easy to take over, but big ones like “money” “business” “podcast” will be very hard…


This is how I took over Page one on Google.


Peace ✌



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Hope you enjoyed my post.


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