How to gain an influencer’s attention with a blog and Instagram page for your personal brand

Personal brands are the hot new thing.


Everyone you know wants influence status as soon as possible. However, not everyone can be an influencer. An influencer needs something to sell and have a large audience to become famous and successful. It’s a must and it’s more than having the best Insta images, cool logo, or great body. It’s all about hard work and dedication, having a clear WHY. But that’s something we can discuss some other time.


Today, we explore how to get their attention without investing money in them. After all, life has tricks to become successful without outworking yourself. Put on your creative hat and let’s begin. And as we begin, open your mind to the endless creative ways that exist to attain an influencer’s attention in little time. This is your time to shine. Make it worthy of everybody’s time!


Influencer Marketing is HOT


By now we know that influencer marketing is on the rise. But why pay to get an influencer’s attention, especially if you’re in startup mode. Have the influencers chase you this time around. I know this advice is quite binary from what the gurus are all saying but it’s your time to have the power when it comes to blogging and documenting. A very famous quote by Gary Vee is to document instead of creating.



And this is your chance to do just that while staying fun and creating, especially since you might be an English major or wordsmith. You will let others bring in the quotes for you. The on work involved on your end is listening; it will be crucial.

The Method


This method that I am about to explain is a full-proof method that will get more people reading your blog and get more shoutouts more than ever before. This method, originally crafted by myself, works more than ever before. And you owe it to yourself to add that spark of creative drive into your written content.


People Don’t Read Website Blogs, But They Do Spend Time On Instagram

The way I see it is simple: if people aren’t reading your blog on your website, have them read your blog where they spend the most time on… and that is Instagram.


Instagram captures the viewer’s attention with flashy images, quotes, short videos, text, and cool stories that can integrate GIFs as an add-on, a focus feature, and face filters like Snapchat. These tools can always enhance someone’s presence on this platform. However, for our exercise, we focus more on what the person on the other side of the screen has to say.


Words matter more than ever. And remember people, want to be heard on Instagram. And you’re there to listen, so why not go the extra mile, and show people you actually care about them?


Step-By-Step Process to More Influence


Here is my step-by-step process of covering Instagram Lives just as a reporter would cover the downside of social media. Nevertheless, I preach gratitude towards this because it adds more exposure than you might think.

  1. When an influencer goes Live on Instagram, write everything about it
  2. Add captions to your blog to highlight key moments about the coverage. Always report the facts.
  3. Report it as if you were a journalist covering some hot news
    4. 30 minutes after the live, publish your article on your blog
    5. Screenshot the blog in its entirety in order to have the viewer read it more easily
    6. Use the carousel feature to have your audience and a new one read it (use all 8 slides)
    7. Tag the influencer you were talking about on the first slide
    8. Wait some time for the likes, comments, shoutouts, and the influencer to connect with you on a more personal level
    9. Redo the process whenever your favourite influencers goes live
    10. Enjoy the good times because you have no competition; journalists have yet covered news like this ever before. They do not use the platform to their advantage because they have been too judgmental about it and have trouble leveraging it. I also note that people aren’t creative enough when it comes to social platforms.

A Powerful Tool


The process-shared above has never been used by any blogger other than myself. However, it does bring in leads depending if you are a copywriter or a storyteller. If you are not, use these warm leads to then create a product with the influencer you look up to.


This is a very powerful tool that most bloggers should use, even if they are not covering Instagram Lives. They should at least use it for their blogs if readers are not present on their website.


With that said, have an amazing day.

And remember, what you tell yourself matters.






By Antoine Airoldi



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