How the Heck do I out do GaryVee


My god, this guy is incredible.

He is everywhere…

If you don’t know who GaryVee is yet, you’ve been living under a rock, where have you been, what have you been doing, wake up and search him….

Like I said, he is everywhere. He is on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Medium and more.

He also spends his time flying around the world to conferences, doing keynote speaking and travels to Africa for the charity “Pencils of promise”, which he was last in Kenya. He does this to give back.

Gary, who started off on, created a YouTube channel on month four when YouTube started.

There he recorded videos of himself talking about wine, which created millions of dollars for his family business within a few years.

Realising that social media was a very valuable asset, Gary left Wine Library to head to New York where he and his brother launched VayerMedia.

At this time, the only people on social media or in the world who knew Gary Vaynerchuk were his YouTube Wine Library fans, his family and friends.

How did Gary Vaynerchuk get so big and so well known within four to five years?



Simple ain’t it…

First of all, he put in the work, and second,

he created so much content that nobody will ever keep up with him on social media.

Now, to answer my question:


“How The Heck Do I Out Do GaryVee”

The answer is a simple one, if I put in the work that Gary puts in (which is a shit load) and also if I outlive him, then I’ll be the Social Media God.

Because that’s what status we should be giving him because he is on top.

(Even though he has said he never wants to be on top, because when he does that, he won, and Gary likes to fail as that’s what keeps him going).

He is “The God of Social Media”.

Fair enough, there might be others who have larger followings like Mark Zuckerberg, but for someone to be on top of all the top social networks is hard work and Gary puts the work in.

Ok, so if I focus on even 50% of what Gary does,

I could be in the top 500.

There’s always room on the top, and even room to pass out the people that are winning.

So, I’m going to not just put in 50%,

I’m going to give it my all.

I want to be in that top 10, of social media giants.

And I can be,

I’ll just have to put in the work and be everywhere like Gary is.

But, before I do any of that, I need to just focus on one place at a time and grow that. So later, I can then carry or meet my followers on other social networks.


Where they will share and like my stuff, which in turn will grow my fan base.

That’s what Gary did with Wine Library, and that’s what he did with Twitter.

Now, he’s doing it with Snapchat, where most of the youth of the world is at.

Eventually, they will move or go somewhere else, where they will meet Gary once again.

This is how it’s done, and this is what I’m doing now.

Hope you enjoyed my post.



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