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Sunday the 11th to 18th March 2018


Hi All!

I hope you’ve all been having a great week.

This is something I’m going to be sharing with you each week, on a Sunday.

What I’m up to, on what motivates me, and things I am enjoying,
I hope you enjoy


Here’s your weekly dose of “Weekly 5.”


In case you’ve missed it


After running 8 times in January, I took February off.

I started back on Monday this week with a 5k run and to my surprise, I was even faster then in January at 25:50 for my 5k I hit 24:54. Even though it was only by one minute, I felt amazing.


I felt like I used to, fit and fast. It’s still a long way off my best time of 20:54 but it’s still something. And do you want to hear something crazy?


I wasn’t even wearing runners this week. I bought a pair of Vibram’s a few years back and never wore them and this week I decided to get them out of the closet.


As my sister said, “Jesus, they are ugly”… 😂 but I think they’re cool… What do you think?



Running is really incredible for not only your body, but your mind also.
To say that I worked overtime on my online stuff this week is an understatement.
Always improving and always learning.


This week I also released my book in e-format on Amazon with the release of the hard copy coming soon.

Actually today I ordered some revision copies to read, just to make sure everything is ok with them. It’s so exciting that I actually wrote a book and released it into the wild, it’s now among other entrepreneurial books from all the greats.


It might not be the book for everyone but I will promise you that it will level you up if your new to the online space. Even if your not you might even learn a few things that you didn’t know before.


It goes through the basics on branding, community building and product creation.

It would mean the world to me if you’d read it and even leave a review. That way more people will be helped by the advice I give in it.


To those who have purchased my book already, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate you”.


You can order your copy here —>



What I’m doing at the moment


Oh my god, this week I really put myself out there.
First I recorded a webinar, “which I’m going to re-record” on how to “Grow a Community of Like Minded People”. It’s still on my homepage if you’d like to watch it at which I created with


(If you don’t have ClickFunnels yet and are thinking about it, DM me and if you go though my Affiliate link, I will walk you through building your first funnel).


—> <—


I was scrolling through Facebook when I seen a post by Akbar Sheikh. Akbar is someone I really admire and I am a big fan of his. In his post he asked people to share their funnel so he could go through it on a live video with his audience.

Guess what, I shared mine!

Funny thing is, I forgot all about it and went about my business. Then later I was editing my website and checking out what others are doing in their business, so I went to Akbar’s website and really liked his landing page. On It he was sharing a live webinar and by chance I signed up.


I watched over half of it and was really impressed until all of a sudden, my laptop battery died on me, so I had to charge it so I could finish the Webinar.


Later I got a message from a friend on my Instagram Telegram group, asking me was I watching Akbar’s live Webinar.


I after my battery charged I went back on to watch and near the end and I nearly died… there was my ClickFunnels Landing Page on Akbar’s Webinar.


Akbar went through the page and why it was so bad.
Right away, I started editing it again, he was right on what he said.


I wasn’t sharing the proof of what I’ve done, lots of space wasted, useless links to useless pages that had too much on them and when I described myself on the page I mentioned Crypto, “which is a no, no!”


All these things and more would frighten potential signups and customers away.


I got in contact with Akbar on messenger and thanked him right away.

I got schooled by a real Master of his profession.

I asked him for his sign-up page as I want to be trained by him someday…


I haven’t done so yet, I will soon but first I need to focus on promoting my book.




Remember, if you want to be the best at what you do, find a Master to educate you in what you want to know.
This way you’ll skip at least 80% of the bullshit and end up focusing on what matters, instead of always being distracted by the shiny object.


One of the top or most interesting posts of the week


Chris Wardman had a very interesting question for the community this week. He asked,



How many groups are “too many”?

Do you think 1 group is a perfect fit or would you say more is better so you can attract a more diverse member base?


This question was close to my heart, as I wrote a book on building a community with also having done a webinar on the subject. I had to give a good answer and the answers that were given, were very interesting.


See more at


A tip or advice from an Influencer


I was listening to Scott Voelker’s Podcast “The Amazing Seller” recently and on the episode he spoke about collecting an email list.



Scott focuses on his particular niche, which is Amazon Seller.

He was explaining some of the ways to grow a list and why it’s so important to have.
With Amazon it’s harder as you don’t collect any email list being a seller there, unless you provide an incentive to sign up to your list with your product delivery to your customer.
Another way is to collect an email list while advertising on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram.


Growing a list is the single, most important thing you should be doing online and Scotts right when he says, “start growing yours today”.


I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to sign up to my email list, in which I provide you quality information on Online Business, Blogging, Crypto, Domaining, Social Media and more.

Sign up today for loads of free content that I’ve created, just for you…

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Quote I’m pondering


“Find your Vision and follow it.
If you don’t have a vision or don’t have a goal, you just drift around.
You’re not going to be happy” – Arnold Schwarzenegger



And as always, please let me know your requests and suggestions in the comments. Which “Weekly5” above is your favourite? What do you want more or less of? Let me know! Just comment below and #Weekly5 in there, so I can find them easily.


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, you guys are Awesome 😎.

Daniel Mac Sweeney


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