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The #1 lesson I learnt this week was that Spotify wasn’t complicated to set up.

I feel like It’s like if WordPress & ClickFunnels had a baby, right in the middle, easy to use and simple to create.

Filling my Spotify store with products, was simple.

Using a plugin, I just found products and added them to the platform within minutes.

This is where it has a huge advantage.


Two years ago I created a website called and it took me months to build with WordPress. I had to add in each product one – by – one, but with Shopify, it took me minutes. Even though having a WordPress website can be pretty much free, I feel like you can create a better marketplace with Shopify. (correct me if I’m wrong, in the comments and explain).

I’m not sharing this as an affiliate link, I’m not a promoter for them, but heck I am going to share what’s working, and this is working.

Go check it out…


When it comes to creating a website and you don’t know what to do or don’t know what design you’d like.


“Copy, but don’t Copy”.

Here’s a tip: “Find other sites and see what’s working”.

This might be obvious to some, but honestly, it’s hard to find websites that you can look-a-like…

Right, I’m going to help you here.

There are a few options to find out what’s working and see working designs.

One such place is which is a sales marketplace for an online property.

On Flippa you can buy & sell domains, websites, apps and Amazon stores.


You can search Shopify stores or WordPress shops, see what’s working, like what’s selling and then create look-a-like websites.

The second would be which is a great little website that shows you the stats of your competitors like, traffic, rank, and where they are putting their ads etc…


But one of the best things I love about them is that when you search a competitor, similarweb, will also show you other similar websites…

Use this to find designs and to see what’s working.

And the third one that can help you is which is a really cool site where you can see the rankings worldwide of websites and hosting accounts.

You can even see your own IP address and what network your on.

But the really cool thing about is that if you search the hosting companies like WordPress or Shopify among many others, you can see the top ranking websites for them.

Which means you can see what’s working and what’s not…



Right, I hope you’ve picked up on a few things here. You might even have different ways to use these tools, or you might find a working business, to model off.

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