Feel The Power Within

There is something deep inside us all that makes us tick.

You strive for something, she strives for something else, and he strives for nothing, but that nothing is still something.

We all aim for something, even if it’s nothing.

For me, it’s “Success”!

I have this competitive streak in me, I can’t keep at bay. This feeling inside me that makes me want to win, even when I fail.

I know that there are other alternative ways, that I can take to reach my goals.


There is always a way, to “Sweet Success”.


When I first started all this entrepreneur shit, I didn’t even realise I was becoming one. I did loads of things that were wrong, I hadn’t the first clue about business and where to begin or what to do.


The only thing I knew was what I wanted, or what I was aiming for.


See, I had a goal to reach and I wanted to get there no matter what, I’m not a person who give’s up easily.

Even when my first try at entrepreneurship failed, I learned about something else and how to do it and started that.

I kept going on…

And, when I failed at that, I learned about something else, then I got better at that, and had some success.

I was beginning to feel like I wanted to feel, and that was, “Successful”.

I got better at all this entrepreneur, online stuff, from Listening and learning from the best. I wouldn’t pay for their courses or lessons at the start, as I thought that I could make it on my own, but, I knew deep inside if I didn’t take that step, I’d still be in the same position for the rest of my life,


Because, you have to learn about things, read, study and watch what people are doing and what they are sharing.

Work as one brain.

Years ago Napoleon Hill mentioned in his book, “Think & Grow Rich”, where when two brains get together and create a third brain, a smarter brain, which he called, the mastermind.

That mastermind, working together can create and execute ideas into reality, better and faster than just using one.

So, first I read people’s entrepreneur books, while also listening to their podcasts and watching their videos.

Now, I connect with them, growing my mind and my ideas, with them, with the mastermind.

Starting with my sister first, I began to share my ideas and plans with her. Which at the start she didn’t have any interest, but now she is highly involved and sense her mind has awakened, she is now even learning more from the greatest minds.

Sharing the knowledge that you have inside your head, helps you break things down, making it simpler to understand and work out a way to make it work.

I started sharing ideas with my wife and discussing how I do things and with her help, I’ve created a better community and business because of it.

Even better, is the encouragement, “have you done this” or “what’s next on your agenda”?

It’s this type of push that gets things moving.

The third mind, the mastermind.

It’s the power within, to begin with, start with that power and make it work for you, and then find that mind that can help you grow.

If you don’t have that encouragement or mind, I’ve created a Community that helps with what to do next and how to do it.




It’s the Mastermind, that I needed to get me off my butt and work hard to reach my goals.

Using this community helps me push myself harder than I could have done without it. It’s better than Napoleon Hill’s mastermind, which is the power of two, this is the power of many, as many as can be.

I know from experience when starting out, it can be very lonely and people don’t care or don’t want to hear what you’re doing.

People like results.


If you were homeless on the street begging, hardly anyone would give you money, but if you were dressed in the best of clothes and the cleanest shoes, and had the coolest car looking for money or investment, money will, I mean it, it will be given to you…

People like success, and like me, they respect it.

If you were homeless begging on the street, you’ll have no respect, and if any money was given to you, people would know that it would be going down a bottomless pit.


There will be no results given from it.

If you gave the person that has money, more money, they could change things, make things better with that money.

Which would provide results.

I think that people respect results and when you show the results, they will open their wallets and pay you.

So, work on that mastermind, grow ideas and make them happen.

Create and execute, because success is where it all begins…



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