Dedicated For Life


From the minute you’re born, you are fighting for life.

A deep breath, a cough and an exhale.


The fight for life!

Anyone alive today, is fighting for this right, because it is the right, your right and my right, to live and fight for life.

Believe it or not, this is the fight that most don’t partake.

Even though they are alive, they are only existing, barely breathing, asleep, so to say.

But then there are others who strive for greatness.

We see it everyday, in work, locally, on television or on the internet, passionate people succeeding in things that you might think impossible.

This is Dedicated for life.

These people are a rare breed, these people push themselves to the max and never give up.

They are made of something else.

These people are entrepreneurs or highly motivated business people, these are sports stars or Olympians, or even the type of people you don’t think that are successful, like the person that’s always trying to make the world a better place.

Once upon a time, there was this young Irish boy, who had a belief in himself.

This belief was, he’d become the champion of the world.

He trained and trained every day and while he was training he had no job, his girlfriend drove him to the gym and picked him up everyday.

No, it wasn’t me,

It was Conor McGregor. This guy, a man who has so much belief and dedication, the will power to never give up, is now fighting the worlds greatest boxing champion.

Did he win?



Does it matter, Not really, win or loose McGregor will still hunt for the next fight. He never gives up because he is Dedicated for life.

He has a hunger in his belly, unlike most people, its survival of the fittest.

I feel like this and you do too.

That is why you and I are on this journey to become to best entrepreneurs we can be. We’ve a hunger that won’t subside, that will always keep going no matter what.

When I was young, one evening I was looking up into the dark blackness of space, when all of a sudden a fire ball crossed the sky, from west to east and then just disappeared.

I knew, I really knew in my heart and soul at that moment I was meant for something special.

Many others feel this way in their lives also, that they are meant for something.

That they could or will change the world.

I am Dedicated for life, and just like you I won’t give up until that dedication is satisfied.

Most of us entrepreneurs knew the moment we realised that we were different than the rest of the human population.

We do things differently, we think differently, and we say things differently.

We don’t enjoy hanging around the crowd, we actually feel nervous around them, but we do enjoy situations, were we are put into a corner that we can escape from with tactics and our mind.

There are many stories of people like us, like the person that came from an addiction and poverty, to becoming the CEO of his own multi-million dollar company.

Or that writer that failed hundreds of times to publish her book, only to now be the wealthiest writer of all time.

We have no time for small talk and love to talk about future goals and mastermind with like-minded people.

We are dedicated to the cause, the future cause, to change things and make them better.

We are Dedicated,

Fighting for life…



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