Clever ways to market !

If you’re a business, you know that marketing can be one of the most costly things to spend money on.

At this moment in time, there are millions of, so-called marketers to take your precious money and spend it all on ads.

Listen, that’s the mad way, that’s the crazy way. You’ll never compete with the likes of Coca-Cola or McDonald’s ad spends, what you need to do is, be creative.

Ads can be expensive, and sometimes you might not even be targeting the right audience, no clicks, no sales!

It’s a mental mess, which can burn a hole in your pocket.

Ok, if you did have loads of cash lying idle, and had a team of designers, videographer’s, sound guys, etc, then you might have a chance with marketing your business to the masses.

There are cheap ways, clever ways and ways that do cost a bit, but not a lot.

The cheap way is to create something that could go Viral. You might try a few times, heck, you might even try it a hundred times, but all it takes is one to take off.🚀

Post your creative ad, image or video Facebook, there are plenty groups and pages out there, that if you made a connection with the admin that they might share it with their fanbase.

Do exactly the same on the likes of Instagram, Twitter, Reddit.

Use the DM tactic, contact them, connect and ask.

That’s how you get known to the masses. You might have the greatest thing in the world to share, but if no one sees it, it’s like pissing to the wind.

I’ve listened to countless podcasts, with people mentioning that all it took was one blog post, or a video, an image or a podcast to go Viral, which kickstarted their business.

When this happens, you need never pay for an ad, as other groups, pages, blogs, podcasts, radio or tv will re-hash your content, promoting you to millions of eyes all over social media.

One story I remember was a video of JP Sears, a guy who with one video became YouTube famous.

Another one was Gangnam Style, a video that blew the internet away for a while.

I’ve seen it in other places too, with blogs and podcasts.

All it takes is one.

Don’t forget though, even though it can take one thing to grow your brand, it does take time and you have to put in the work.

Other clever ways of marketing, is to be different and be funny.

People like fun.

While the presidential campaign was going on in America in 2016, people were calling Donald Trump crazy, mad and unstable.

When I saw this marketing ploy to put this type of image into people’s minds, I thought it was honestly one of the best marketing ads to get people to vote the other way.

It was done in Copenhagen, encouraging Americans overseas to use their vote.

Another cool one I saw was,

During the global recession, people all over the world were immigrating abroad. In Ireland where I’m from, there were thousands of people leaving each week to Canada, Australia, England and America.

This one guy did not want to leave his home, he loved Ireland and knew that if he left he might never come back.

No job or no jobs to apply for, this guy came up with a clever way to get a job.

He used what money he had, and paid for the use of a billboard in the Capital Dublin so that when anyone driving in and out of the busiest part of the city, would see the billboard.


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