Christmas Eve as an Entrepreneur

Weekly 5

Sunday 17th – 24th of December 2017


Hi All!

I hope you’ve all been having a great week.

This is something I’m going to be sharing with you each week, on a Sunday.

What I’m up to, on what motivates me, and things I am enjoying,

I hope you enjoy


Here’s your weekly dose of “Weekly 5.”

In case you’ve missed it –

Facial recognition is not a new technology but has really improved in the last year.

Facebook has been using this software for years on Picture tagging and are improving the use of it.


Now when you are tagged in a photo you’ll be notified if you are in a photo or a video, to see if it is acceptable to you, if not you can report it, remove or add tags of yourself and reach out to the person who uploaded the photo. Facebook will even notify you even if you haven’t been tagged so you can decide what happens it.


This is big because before you had to ask the person to remove the tag or report to Facebook about the Picture before you might have even had photos of you on Facebook that you didn’t even know that was there.

Read the article —> HERE


What I’m doing at the moment –

Today’s the day, it’s Christmas Eve, 24th of December and tonight Santa comes🎅 to deliver all the children and adults of the world, his wonderful gifts and presents.

Happy Christmas to all of you and have festive and awesome few days.



This week, I downloaded a few apps to test and I found one that might work well for my community Financial Freedom Forever and which I will add to the pinned tab soon for people on the group to connect one on one with each other.


It’s called Telegram, a wonderful message app where groups can chat in real time, it’s quick and fast and you won’t get notifications every time someone messages, unlike messenger or WhatsApp.


I’m part of a few communities there and I’ve even set one up for the community already also, but I haven’t invited anyone yet. (Try and find it).


I’ve also downloaded Slack but I haven’t had time to use it yet, so if anyone has it, fill me in on what’s good and bad about it.

As I’ve said, it’s Christmas Eve, today and today and tomorrow are holidays for most, but not for us entrepreneurs, where there is no day off. It’s hustle and bustle for us every day.

I will be editing my book when I do get some free time, what will you be doing?


One of the top or most interesting posts of the week –

Was a video posted by “Rick Nelson”.

I along with everyone else enjoyed this post because Ricks not only enjoyable to watch with him puffing on his big Cuban Cigar, he is very knowledgeable about marketing and selling online. Last time he shared a video, he spoke about selling on the Facebook marketplace as it was a basically untapped market because people are still selling on other platforms like Amazon and eBay.


In this video, he kindly shared information about using the right copy techniques and even shared two examples of his own sales from the platform in which he sold within a few hours after posting.


To watch the Video join —>


A tip or advice from an Influencer –


“Hard to be effected when you can’t hear it.”

Gary Vaynerchuk


I saw this one on Twitter and when I read it, I was blown away because, if you’ve ever got harassed in real life or online you know that words are powerful.


A lot of people are losing their lives today because they’ve taken what’s said to heart.

This advice from Gary is the right advice and is the one I, 100% agree with and follow.


Ignore the shit and focus on what’s working. Anyone that attacks you delete them, anyone harasses you ignore them, anyone that attacks you forget about them, just get on with it and move on.

Stop listening to negativity and focus on positivity 100%…





Quote, I’m pondering –


“ No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robbin Williams


Robbin Williams



Stay Safe and Happy Christmas… 🎄❤️🎄🎅

And as always, please let me know your requests and suggestions in the comments. Which “Weekly5″ above is your favourite? What do you want more or less of? Let me know! Just comment below and #Weekly5 in there, so I can find them easily.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, you guys are Awesome.😎

Daniel Mac Sweeney

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