Can You Start A Business On $3,000?

With $3,000 you can start any type of business you want… online.

With $3,000 and the knowledge, you can do many things, two come to mind.

Facebook ads are magic, if you can understand them, you’ve it won.



Because if you can make more money back then you spend on FB ads, you’ve got a million dollar business.

Now, what can you sell on FB ads?



1.) Products :

With the $3,000, all of it needn’t go on the ad, get yourself landing page software like ClickFunnels, Shopify, Leadpages, or even WordPress would do. You can even skip all the landing page software and carry people down your email funnel.



Before you build your page, you’ll have to find a product to sell.

Head to for bulk product and wholesale prices or AliExpress for drop-Shipping products.

AliExpress is your best bet to start off with.

Cheap & cheerful.


Find a product for $8 or less, it doesn’t matter as long as if there’s a market for it.

Then search Amazon to see how much you could charge for it, on your landing page, only charge for shipping, because what you want is people to follow through your funnel.

Create another page, so that when people purchase your product they’ll be brought through to the next one.

When you searched Amazon, on the product page, you should be able to see what product goes with what, “frequently purchased together”.

This is your upsell.




Go back to AliExpress find it, then price it on your second landing page, boom. You’ve a product sales funnel.

Don’t forget to create a thank you page, so you can send people from there to your Facebook page.

So far, costs are low, the only thing you paid for was your landing page software.



2.) Sell yourself :

Have you a skill, are you a developer, teacher, mentor or influencer? Then you don’t need to find any product.

Create video content, training videos or even a page for one-on-one Training.

To get people into your funnel, give them a lead magnet free. Provide them with a book, audio or video so that they can get to know you and understand how you can help them. Same principles apply as above, capture their email, bring them through a funnel, then to a thank you page and bring them to an FB page or group where you can resell something again in the future to them.


Once you have your product found or content created, landing pages finished, it’s time for Facebook ads.

Now, be sure to learn Facebook Ads before you spend any money as you’ll need to figure out your target market etc.

On the first three days of ads, only spend $5 a day, so Facebook can find your target market.


Now, once your ad starts working, you’ll have less than $300 spent to see if it’s working. Once you start making sales, all you’ll have to do is order and send to the address of the buyer. It’s never your money that your spending, it’s always theirs.

When you start making more than your spending, you’ll be on the millionaire path…

Best of luck…




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