Buying a Domain name for your Brand

Buying a Domain

Starting off on your online path, you will need two things to start off with.


An idea and plan for your business.
And a Domain name for your Online Business.


Buying a Domain is easy but trying to find a Domain name can be challenging.



There are people that buy and sell domains for profit, it’s a type of business online, think shares but with domain names. These names are a type of property. The better the name the more expensive it will be.

A name like would be worth millions but a name like would only be worth as much as you’d be willing to pay for it.

(At the time of writing this, this Domain is available for purchase, use this link to buy it).


So, you have your plan and you have come up with a good name but it’s not available. But you still want it, what do you do? How do you buy it.?


The only thing you can do here is to contact the owner.

You’ll need to find their email address so you can contact them about buying the domain name. Have a figure that your willing to spend in your head because you’ll more than likely have to make an offer.

Most names you find on GoDaddy* will be priced, but once you cold call a domain seller, the price could be anything. Think a high three or a low four figures as an initial offer. You will have to be able to hustle to get a good price.

To find out the domain owners email head to or to see if their email is there. Sometimes the email might be private and if it is, still email the email that is shown, as sometimes, your message will get to the right person.

If you are a person who knows that they want a certain word in their Domain name like “Media” but can’t figure out what that other would be, you could go to and search the word “Media” and see what word fits better, where.


– How to buy a Domain at GoDaddy –

Go to
Type, in the, provided GoDaddy search bar, the name that you want.
If the Domain is not available, use what I’ve already told you to contact the owner of the name about purchasing it or you can start again and search a new name.


Once your Domain shows that it is available, click the continue button.
Ignore all the GoDaddy add-ons that they want you to buy and click continue.
You will then come to a page where you can finally purchase the name you want. Decide how long you want to own the Domain. The longer you choose the cheaper the name will be.


Finally, you will come to the payment page. Choose which option you want to pay by, Card or PayPal and place your order.
Done, you know own a Domain name. You should now check your email inbox where you will get an email with your purchase details.


There you go.

You have passed the second level of starting an Online Business.

On the next segment, I will explain all about hosting, where you will be able to create a database for your Domain name.


I’m so happy I’m able to help you on your journey.

Be sure to share your Domain name below in the comments so we all can see what you bought.


Thanks again guys,

You are Awesome,

Daniel Mac Sweeney



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