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As entrepreneurs, we launch new stuff all the time, new businesses, new products, new courses, new events and so on. For every new thing we do, we need somehow to share it. Obviously, social networks & SEO are how to get the word out, but what is most important and most of us forget is the landing page. Somewhere to collect emails, because that’s what you what, peoples permission to post to them, sell them stuff or build Brand Awareness.


You can only do so much on social, but with an email you own they’re inbox, so if you ever lose access to the social media platform you can easily keep in contact with your audience by email. Another thing is, you don’t own your audience on any social platform because they have total control, but with emails, once you have them, you own them unless they leave.


People these days talk about email open rates dropping, I think it’s probably one of the best times to connect via email, why; people are more in-tune of what they are getting because they are getting so much rubbish content they look out for the good stuff. If you don’t believe me, think about the last time you looked in your own inbox. Did you take the time to go through all the subjects lines to find the good stuff? I did.


So if you get good at copywriting and can write a good subject line and message, not only can you get an open, but you can get them to read and click your links.


If you can do this, you’ll be ahead of the rest because they are off somewhere else, either slacking off on their lists by posting too much and not caring about the individual or are focusing too much on social media.


Ok, so we know email is special, that’s why all the top entrepreneurs are collecting them.

Even if you’re new to entrepreneurship, have nothing to sell or provide yet and you don’t even have a website just your social networks, that’s fine. It’s where the people are at anyway and to get them you’ll need somewhere for them to sign up to your list like a landing page.


Even if you don’t have anything to give yet, it’s something everyone should start doing right away, collecting an email list.

There are a few ways of doing this, one which is simple, a sign uplink which you can create with your email provider. I have one set up with Mailchimp and I have it connected to my Facebook page sign up bar.


This opens a new page where people can enter their details, name and email.

The second way is to create a landing page where you can connect your link to also. This is probably a better way because it feels less pushy.

People like to make choices even if they are bad at making them. Provide them with good quality on a landing page or something small that you’ll give them in exchange for their email like a PDF, an eBook or a cheat sheet and it can always sway them to provide you what your looking for, their email.


Creating landing pages can be done with many resources, some free, others not.

Here are two-page builders that you can use to collect emails;


Paid – ClickFunnels .com (Affiliate link —>

Free – LaunchRock .com

The best way to get people to follow you and your content is to build anticipation.

Provide them always with good, if not great content while creating your thing. Let them know it’s coming, let them know that it’s useful and let them know it’s for them and this way, they will sign up and wait in anticipation for it.

I hope this helps and I’d love to hear your feedback on this subject, as we all learn things a bit differently on our journeys. While this is what I know, you might know a better way…


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