Am I becoming influential?


So, this is my first post on my Website.

Over the last year, I’ve been wondering out who I am and what business I wanted to do.

I’ve always known, I’d be a millionaire at some stage, and over the years I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t happen overnight or by sitting on you’re ass expecting it to happen.

So, during the last few years, I’ve been mentally bringing myself to this moment in time, the moment I can call myself a…

No, I’m not a millionaire yet, but I can call myself an Entrepreneur.

There are many definitions of what an entrepreneur is, too many to tell you here on this first post of mine.

What I believe an entrepreneur is, is a person who keeps pushing themselves to the limit to be more successful than they are.

I am successful, but I want more, it’s my drug, my calling, my life.

I realised this year, that to become successful, I had to work at it and succeed. I had to figure out what I wanted to do!

I focused on what I was good at, and that was socializing with people.

So, I started a group and grew it to 81 people.

It was like this for a few months, which I posted, interacted and shared to those 81 people on what I was doing and posted blogs weekly.

After testing a few things, I learned how to grow the group. Now it has grown to over 1,500 in the space of a month and a half and still growing fast.

I share my knowledge and advise people on what to do and if they need help, I help them.

I write posts, much like this one, explaining how to do things and I also do videos, live and YouTube, which I share every week.

I am becoming influential, people like me there, trust me and look up to me. With this influence, I have to be careful not to show a bad image, I have to be careful with my views and think about what I say.


People are listening and watching everything I do.

It got me thinking about how with this group, I’ve become influential.

How others like GaryVee, Steve Jobs, Russell Brunson, Mark Zuckerberg or Tony Robbins, didn’t become influencers because they had a few things to say, they became influencers because they worked hard on themselves and their businesses, just like I am now.

I know a lot of people are going to say, “a Facebook Group is not a Business”!


You’re wrong, it is.


It’s a community of people who want to learn from what I show, do, what I teach and listen to what I say.

Do you think these people would not purchase anything from me in the future, like a book, a course or even buy something from an affiliate link?

They would, without a second thought, they would want to give something back to me for sharing all my knowledge and advice.

Facebook is a community and looks at them, they are one of the biggest companies in the world and one of the richest.


This is business today guys, get with the program. Social Media is the way to go.

Watch and learn what others are doing.

This is what most of the entrepreneurs are at, they give, give, give and if you need that extra little help, you can hire them or purchase their products.

That is how to become an influencer and a millionaire online today.

Thanks for reading guys.



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